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Take a more luxurious soak with a bathtub overflow cover

A bathtub overflow tube comes with its benefits. It’s a safety feature that’s imperative if you’ve left a faucet running while you quickly answer a phone call and forget about that bath you were running. While it’s likely saved homes from water damage by directing the water away from the edge of the tub, it can be an annoyance when you’re trying to immerse every single inch of your body underneath the water after a long day at work.

The good news is there’s a cover you can install over the tub that allows you maximum soakage during your next bath. It’s simple to install a bathroom overflow cover, and there are many inexpensive options available to create the bath experience of your dreams. The options below fit nearly all overflow tubes, so you’ll be covered no matter which you choose.

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Bathroom cover options

There are so many options on the market that will give you several inches more water in your bath, which is wonderful if you don’t have a deep soak bathtub and need all the water you can fit into the tub. On Amazon, you can buy this SlipX Solutions Bottomless Bath Overflow Drain Cover for less than $8 (and no shipping cost if you’re a Prime member). It comes in several colors and is a perfect non-slip option.

If you want to make sure tiny fingers don’t find their way into the bathroom tub tube, this OXO Tot Tub Stopper is also a great option. If you’ve ever used OXO products, you know they are built to last, and this cover is no exception. You can use the cover for your little one’s bath and also use it to fill a larger bath for yourself later on.

How to install

Tub covers are easy to install and take off. Both of the options above create a lasting seal with the tub. Simply run warm water over the cups or submerge them in water for a second as you’re filling the tub, and press securely against the tub’s surface, covering the overflow. That’s it!

Both get a near-perfect rating for ease to install, remove, use, and clean. No more listening to the water slowly leave the tub while you’re trying to stay underneath the ever-shrinking water line. To remove, slide your finger underneath the sealed edge and gently pull off. For the OXO brand, there’s a handy tab at the top that you gently pull and it comes right off.

bath caddy

Bath accessory must-haves

Now that you have a perfectly filled tub, there are some must-have accessories to make your bathing experience as relaxing as possible. You don’t take time to pamper yourself very often, so when you do, make it count! You’ll want a little cushion for your head, so check out this Gorilla Grip bath cushion. It comes in four colors and suctions to your tub as well, providing a no-slip pillow for your head.

If you want to make it a spa-like experience, there’s this gorgeous bath caddy. You can set it across the top of the tub and put your phone for music, candles, a book, a glass of wine, or anything else that helps you relax. If you want to smell amazing, add this lavender Deep Steep bubble bath to the water. It’s free of all harmful chemicals and bubbles perfectly every time.

After the year we’ve all had, it’s important to take time and carve out moments to relax. Taking a bath relieves stress and lets you take some much-needed time for yourself away from the hectic parts of life. According to Cleveland Clinic, taking a hot soak for 30-minutes or more at 104 Fahrenheit can improve depression. “Warm baths are also linked to decreases in stress hormones and more balanced serotonin levels, which help regulate mood,” experts said.

Bath covers let adults enjoy a longer soak because there’s more water, and you’re not constantly refilling the tub or trying to stop the water from going down the overflow with your toe (yes, we’ve been there). All this means you can spend time concentrating on breathing deep, relaxing, and finding the peace and quiet you deserve without any distractions.

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