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The best picture hangers to give your home a decorative boost

Transforming your walls into an aesthetically pleasing exhibit doesn’t have to be an expensive project. All you need are some pictures that may already be sitting around your home and a picture hanger. Dust those frames off and give them a second life with a kit to hang them on the walls.

Turn those bland walls into an art gallery and give your home a decorative boost with picture hangers that enhance your walls. Wall decorations are conversation starters and reminders of happy moments with friends and family. Let’s look at our favorites.

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hecho Assorted Picture Hanging Kit

Best Overall

Image used with permission by copyright holder

The hecho Assorted Picture Hanging Kit includes a variety of supplies to hang up to 85 pictures. It includes 220 pieces of wire, picture hangers, hooks, nails, and other hardware to mount your favorite artwork. The box has dividers and hooks with corresponding nails for ease of use and improved organization.

Command Picture Hanging Strips 

Best Picture-Hanging Strips

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Hang frames without making any wall damage with the Command Picture Hanging Strips. This pack of 28 strips holds up to 16 pounds, so you say goodbye to holes, nails, and hammers. Decorate your walls with the strength of 3M hanging strips and remove the strips easily when you are ready to change your artwork.

Arrow Small Saw Tooth Picture Hangers

Best Value Picture Hangers

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The Arrow Small Saw Tooth Picture Hangers is the perfect solution to replace the hanging hardware from old frames. No need to spend money on new frames. If you have frames that you love and want to continue using them, this pack of six steel saw tooth picture hangers with nails is your perfect solution.

Everyone loves hanging pictures on their walls and looking at the pictures on their friends’ walls. Dust off those frames that are sitting around and clear out space on your tables with the picture hangers on our list. Use them to give your walls a refresh and make them fun again.

The best metal wall art that will instantly dress up your space
the best metal wall art decoration abstract birds 1200x9999

Metal works of art add texture and distinct character to a room. Varied materials offer an array of choices from moody brass to contemporary steel. We’ve made a list of our favorite metal wall art to help you decide on the best accent for your wall.

Your choice of metal wall art will depend largely on size, metal type, and appearance. Think about whether you’re looking for an accent piece or a showstopper. Common materials include steel, copper, bronze, brass, aluminum, and copper. From cool steel to warm brass, choose a material that meshes well with the rest of the room. Take a look at our picks for inspiration.
It's Cactus Small Birds Flying 
Best Overall

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The best wall art for living room transformation
the best wall art for your living room woman in red hanging pictures

Carefully selected wall art for your living room lets you show off your sophisticated, artistic side. A work of art on your wall also takes advantage of underused space. Here are our top choices for the best wall art to help you decide on the best one for your living room.

Wall art isn’t confined to paintings or family photographs. There is three-dimensional wall art that may double as lights. Wall art also comes in different media and presentations such as multiple panels or metal works. Size, aesthetic, and functionality are important factors to pay attention to when hunting for the right piece of living room wall art. Let’s look closely at our favorite selections.
Natural Art Flower Canvas Wall Art
Best Square-Shaped Wall Art

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The best canvas wall art that will liven up your space
the best canvas wall art with floral and abstract themes woman hanging picture 2 1200x9999

Make a statement and let your personality show in the way you decorate your home with one of the amazing options we have carefully selected based on their artistic value, quality of printing, manufacture, and customization options. This list is sure to make your decor shopping a breeze.

With the amazing collection of canvas wall art that we have selected, you can add a touch of rustic imagery to your home, brighten a wall with an abstract painting, or use your own Instagram-worthy photos to print a custom kit. They are one of the easiest ways to upgrade the interior decoration of any space.
wall26 Retro Flower Wall Art
Best floral canvas wall art

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