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These are the best rug designs for a traditionally-decorated home

Choosing a rug is a big deal. It’s going to be there for a while—maybe a long while—and you will likely be arranging your room around the rug. Any rug you choose should mesh well with your decor style and your lifestyle. As with any decor piece, whether your home is decorated in the bohemian, retro, rustic or traditional style, it’s important that your rug fits the motif and works practically within your home.

traditional living room with rugDo you really need a rug?

Rugs are great for a variety of practical and decorative uses. Rugs add depth and texture to your space; they also reduce echo and are good for noise control, which is an essential when working from home with the kids in the house. For more open floor plans, rugs can define a space or unify an area. Rugs can also change the scale of a room, and they are an easy “refresh” or decor update option.

There’s a symmetry to the traditional style that we find elegant but still comfortable. Keep that in mind when you are looking at designs for your rugs. It is likely the living room will be where you will put the largest rug. Once you pick a traditional living room rug, you can keep the color and pattern in mind to keep the rest of your decor cohesive.

living room with rug and coffee tableTraditional rugs

A wool rug is a good bet for a living room rug. Most Oriental and Persian rugs — two popular traditional styles — are usually wool or a wool blend. 100% wool rugs are a great investment because they stand up to use, and the pattern doesn’t wear down.

In theory, you can get a real Oriental or Persian rug for your traditional living room, but if there’s a lot of foot traffic, you will regret that choice. If the kids, the dog, and an occasional frog or two are going to be in the living room, opt for a design in the vein of traditional but in a material that will wear well. Additionally, keep the weave of the rug in mind – clunky textured weaves may look inviting but could make it difficult for coffee tables and end tables to sit flat on the ground.

kitchen runner rug

Not just for the living room

Depending on your home setup, a rug could be a great addition to your kitchen, dining room or bedroom. A traditional Oriental or Persian patterned rug will work under the dining room table. If your dining room is trending more towards neutrals like tans, soft grays, ivory, or taupe, look for those colors in the patterns or the border.

A rug in the kitchen may or may not work depending on the traffic and how many people are regularly cooking at the same time. If you have room to play with, a runner in front of the refrigerator will provide an accent and also continue the cohesive decor. Look for thinner rugs in washable materials to account for the inevitable spill or errant coffee drip.

A small rug in the bathroom will help it look a little brighter and more put together. Here you can use pastel tones of the colors you used in the living room. And, if you’re gravitating to the chevron pattern that is on trend right now, it will work in the bathroom as well as in the bedroom.

Rugs are an investment, but they’re also a quality addition to your home that can pull your spaces together and make guests and residents feel warm and welcome. By choosing rugs that match your desired design, pattern, color and material, you can elevate your space and add that little extra something to your home.

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