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The best happy birthday banners for a fun surprise party

Make your friend or family member’s birthday all the more special with the inclusion of a birthday banner in the festivities. You are sure to find one that your person of honor will be a fan of.

Happy birthday banners are typically hung on a wall and go great with other decorations like streamers and balloons. They are a great method for celebrating the birthday girl or boy. Our list of the best happy birthday banners has some for you to choose from.

FECEDY Black Happy Birthday Bunting

Best Overall

The FECEDY Black Happy Birthday Bunting Banner includes two banners that spell out “Happy Birthday.” Each banner has one word on it. The gold text is printed on black cards. Each card measures 6 inches by 5 inches. The cards hang on black ribbons.

Jtshy “It is Your Birthday.” Banner

Best for The Office Fans

If you’re celebrating the birthday of a fan of “The Office,” this is the perfect banner for the occasion. Reminiscent of Dwight Schrute’s famous attempt at a birthday banner, this banner truly states “it is your birthday” without any additional banter. Uppercase black text is printed on a white background. This banner has six holes reinforced with metal grommets for hanging.

Lisa’s Moments Unicorn Happy Birthday Banner

Best Unicorn Theme

The creative Lisa’s Moments Unicorn Happy Birthday Banner has a jointed unicorn, which hangs from two white strings. The unicorn’s body displays a happy birthday message. Its fanciful font is printed in pastel colors. Shiny gold accents on the unicorn’s horn and hooves are a nice bright touch. Note that this banner must be assembled.

Celebrate your loved one with a happy birthday banner. From classic to modern, you are guaranteed to be able to match your birthday party’s theme with a corresponding banner.

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