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6 modern mountain architecture design cues for your home

Say goodbye to the archaic notions that mountain homes are just for manly mountain men in beards and flannel. You don’t even have to live in a secluded mountain locale to pull from amazing modern mountain architecture and incorporate details into your own home. Whether you have a large house with a lot of property or a smaller condo that needs some more plant life, we’ve curated six design ideas that you’ll be able to adapt into your own space. From sustainable materials to just a bit more greenery, you’ll be able to pinpoint an architectural cue that best works for you.

Windows, windows, and more windows

How can you go wrong with extra-large windows? If possible, let in natural sunlight and soak in your view with floor-to-ceiling windows or large windows throughout the home. You won’t regret being able to soak in your view every single day.

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In addition to expansive windows, high-performance versions can make all the difference in your home when it comes to energy use. If you replace your windows with low solar gain options, the windows will reduce the amount of heat that enters your own home—ideal if you live in a warm area. Alternatively, install window frames with low U-values and that are insulated to prevent heat from escaping. Be on the lookout for triple glazed windows to help with heat maintenance as well. 

Sustainable materials

If you are building from the ground up or adding an extension to your home, now is the time to consider using building materials that are both sustainable and durable. These materials need no maintenance over the years, in addition to being able to withstand the outdoor elements. Some of these materials include:

  • Stone
  • Hard timbers
  • Brick 
  • Steel 

Since many of us probably aren’t building a new house, there are plenty of other ways to incorporate sustainable materials throughout your home and property. With a few stones or bricks, you can create a beautiful and eco-friendly walkway from your front door or through a garden. Build front steps, an entertainment space, or a cascading zen waterfall. 

Solar panels

If you consider solar panels to be an eyesore, then it’s time to move past that idea because you’ll love that your house is powered by converted solar energy. Using solar panels reduces the amount of energy your home consumes, especially when you need extra help in the cooling and heating departments. The wonderful aspect about solar panels is that you can install them whenever you’d like, whether you are building a home or have been in your current house for years.

Property and the view

If you are moving or building, consider your view. Are you comfortable with staring at your street? Find a home with a woods view, across from a park, or with a balcony that allows you to achieve an overlook. However, moving into an area with top-tier landscaping or location can be costly.

If moving to a scenic property is not an option, build the view yourself by skipping the clean-cut lawn and growing your greenery. Craft a luscious garden with peonies and roses, plant a variety of trees, or dig out your own pond. You can go as big or small as you like—you can even start with a leafy potted plant to see where it leads you.

Decks and porches 

Typical mountain homes have large outdoor decks and porches to help you take in the surrounding view. Whether you have a stellar view or one of your neighborhood, take the time to invest in your outdoor space. If you create a designated outdoor hangout spot for you and your family, chances are you’ll head out more often for fresh air. If you can’t build a deck, another possibility is creating a patio with sustainable stone materials. Let’s go even simpler: Make sure you have one chair outside, set in front of your property’s best view, to enjoy your morning coffee or evening wine.

Exposed materials 

 When you think of cabins, you probably think of logs and beams. While you don’t need to go full cabin, you can definitely incorporate rustic beams in your home, especially if you have lofted ceilings. Unless you need exposed beams for actual support, you can easily find versions to serve as decorations—no one has to know that they don’t serve a functional purpose. 

Let’s transition from exposed beams to exposed brick. Depending on the house, you could potentially have brick behind your walls, but obviously, the only way to find that out is with the help of a hammer. However, the best part about brick is that you can use it both inside and outside of your home, and you can use as much or as little as you’d like.

Whether you incorporate one potted plant or are in the process of designing your dream home, you can’t go wrong with any one of these mountain design tips. Modern mountain homes are here to stay and for good reason, thanks to their sustainable architectural designs focusing on natural views and materials. No matter where you live in the world or what your house looks like, everyone deserves a bit of mountain in their home.

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