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How to organize your office space in less than an hour

Whether you’re working from home or are in the office, everyone falls victim to a cluttered space at some point or another. With busy workdays and hectic personal schedules, it’s way too easy to let our desks and work areas get a bit messy. If your productivity and sense of calm require a boost, then it’s time to organize your office space. Luckily, you don’t even have to spend a ton of time doing so. With just a few tips, we’ll show you how to organize your office area in under an hour so you can continue working full steam ahead.  

To make your organization as efficient as possible, let’s tackle each office section one at a time:

  • Drawers
  • Desktop
  • Wire management
  • Files 
  • Wall space 
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Gone are the days of opening up your desk drawers to the mass chaos of pens, erasers, staplers, and everything else. You’ll be able to instantly achieve more structure with the help of simply designed desk organizers. You can find large compartmentalized organizers or smaller separate pieces so you can constantly move them around to best fit your ever-changing needs. If you don’t want to purchase any new products, easily repurpose old jewelry boxes or snack boxes as your catch-all. 


Even if you struggle to achieve neat drawers, we’re here to help you figure out how to declutter your desk in a few quick ways. If you have old jars lying around, you can use them to sort your go-to office supplies. Give thumbtacks, paper clips, rubber bands, and pens a home right on top of your desk. You can even use your favorite mugs! Head to the Container Store or an online retailer to find a vast array of desktop organizers with multi-levels and compartments. If you want a pop of personality, you can find pieces that come in fun colors and finishes!

If you need to raise your computer to be more eye level, you can purchase a standard raiser. Alternatively, opt for fun patterned boxes that you can easily find at stores like Home Goods for a raiser that’s both functional and personalized.

Wire management

Odds are you have a ton of wires floating around your desk space, both over and under it. Not only is it unsightly, but too many crossing wires can become a hazard too. Plus, the last thing any of us want to do is accidentally unplug our computer while in the middle of a project. Thankfully there are plenty of wire organizers and at-home hacks you can do to organize your wires.

If you are short on time or don’t want to spend money, use binder clips. Clip the pieces to the side of your desk and pull the wires straight through to hold them in place. Alternatively, you can get an organizer or cable concealers to accomplish the same result. Perhaps you have a lot of wires at your feet—you can find under the desk trays or nail clips to hammer into the wall. As a bonus, you’ll have a lot more legroom now.


We want to make sure you don’t have important papers flying around, so you have a few options as to how you’d like to organize your files and notes. There are plenty of file organizers to set right on top of your desk or even mount onto your wall—most office supply stores and online retailers carry product options, even in fun hues.

If you have a desk drawer built for files, proper hanging file folders are the way to go. Finally, if you have a ton of paperwork that needs more space than a desktop organizer and don’t have a designated drawer, consider a rolling file cabinet. Depending on your setup, you can place the organizer under your desk or right next to you for easy access.

Wall space

No one wants to stare at blank walls, so let’s declutter and decorate at the same time. With a simple bulletin board, you’ll be able to attach important notices, a calendar, and everything in between. If you have a filled schedule, a wipe-off calendar board and colored markers could be the way to go. There are plenty of fun and colored choices to hang up, from classic designs to hexagonal bulletin boards. The best part is that you don’t have to nail anything in the wall; a few command strips should get the job done.

A personalized touch

If you have a few minutes left to spare in your organization hour, let’s have some fun. Freshen up your desk area with air-purifying greenery like a snake plant. If you’re notorious for killing plants, faux flowers or succulents will add a freshened touch. Spruce up your drawers or desktop with some contact paper—no one said work ever had to look boring! Find a few magnets you have lying around for your wipe-off board, or add some favorite photos and posters to your bulletin board. If you can, add a candle or a lavender satchel to keep you relaxed through the workday. 

Whew! That was a lot of information, but now that you’re armed with these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to declutter your working space effortlessly. You’ll feel more at ease once all of your office supplies have a home, and you will see your personality come to life through your new work area. The best part? You can pick up your space in less than an hour, with professional organizational products or without them. 

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