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How to achieve the perfect grandmillennial look in your home right now

Grandmillennial style has taken the design world by storm as millennials have begun to adorn their homes with vintage and retro details that they might find in their grandma’s house. This trend is all about bringing a modern twist to what once seemed like outdated decor. The trick is to find the balance by creating a curated look that doesn’t feel kitschy or cluttered. If you’re eager to tap into this new style and incorporate a few vintage pieces into your home, here’s our quick guide on how to create the perfect grandmillennial look.

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Use the natural world as inspiration

One of the best grandmillennial design trends to bring to your home is using the natural world for inspiration. Have you ever noticed that grandma’s house is filled with quirky, natural-looking items like bird clocks, rooster plates, or vine-patterned wallpaper? When diving into the grandmillennial aesthetic, you’ll want to find a way to incorporate similar elements into your design but with a modern twist.

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Try using floral-patterned wallpaper or fabrics around your space. You can keep a simple black-and-white palette for a modern look, or go bold with a fancy pink or blue tone. Additionally, using bird-themed decor like statuesque bookends, bird-patterned fabrics, or birdcages in your design can take your decor up a notch. For example, a birdcage on a side table with a plant or a few books inside is a great way to achieve grandmillennial style without it feeling too kitschy.

vintage floral wallpaper with grey chair
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Try some fun wallpaper

While we’ve already mentioned a few wallpaper ideas, wallpaper deserves its own section because it’s so important for grandmillennial style. Wallpaper allows you to choose any color palette with a fun design that highlights your unique style. Try wallpapering a feature wall in your home, or go all out with a full wallpapered room. Popular patterns include bird themes, plant themes, and muted geometric patterns.

Additionally, you could add wallpaper in more obscure places for an artsy look. For example, try adding wallpaper to the backs of your cabinets to brighten the space. Or add small pieces of wallpaper to your cabinet doors to give your kitchen a modern facelift. You could also consider wallpapering some old wood furniture or closet shelving that needs a revamp. No matter how you choose to do it, just be sure not to go overboard!

Invest in handmade art

Another way to bring the grandmillennial style to life in your space is to invest in curated, handmade pieces. Years ago, people adorned their spaces with high-quality furnishings that added character to the home. These days, mass-market statues, ceramics, and other decorative pieces dominate interior design. However, these manufactured pieces can clash with your vintage decor.

To create a more curated and timeless look, opt for handcrafted pieces. Try handmade pottery, handpainted landscape paintings, or blankets and pillowcases made by small businesses. These items are a wonderful way to blend the vintage aesthetic with a modern look to achieve the perfect grandmillennial appeal.

Have fun with fabric skirts

A fun way to reuse outdated trends in home design is to play around with fabric skirts. Add lace, silk, or cotton fabric skirts to your bed, sofa, or tables. Doing so can create a unique vintage look that will spark plenty of conversation! This trend used to be quite popular, as it helped add detail to furniture. Now, it’s a great way to invite a sense of luxury and elegance to your space.

However, it’s important to use this grandmillennial design trick in moderation. Too many fabric skirts can leave your home feeling stuffy and cluttered. Instead, try using a fabric skirt in one or two spaces in your home for a fun wow factor. Use this design hack as a feature or statement piece for the best results.

lace dining table cloth with traditional decor
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Use lace in your design

Lace is an elegant, gentle design element to bring to your grandmillennial interior. Try using lace doilies or placemats on your dining or coffee tables for a sweet and simple touch. Additionally, consider using lace curtains on your windows to let in plenty of light while also honoring a trend from the past. If you want to take it a step further, consider full lace tablecloths or table runners for your side tables. Or try out lace edging on your bedsheets and pillowcases. This small touch can be the perfect addition to your overall design by homing in on a classic look while pairing beautifully with your other modern fixtures.

Grandmillennialism is a creative design style that balances the past with the present. While it can be challenging to find the perfect middle ground between an old aesthetic and modern fixtures, once achieved, the look is sure to impress family and friends.

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