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Create the Ultimate Aesthetic Dorm Room with These Accessories

Whether you’re heading back to your dorm or new to student life, you want a great aesthetic that means your home feels like, well your home. It’s a good idea to read up on how to create soothing bedrooms as well as catch up on the latest Tik Tok design trends but remember — you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the right aesthetic for you. Walmart is a great place to look for an extensive collection of dorm decor so hit the button below to see what’s out there. Alternatively, read on and we’ll take you through some of the highlights we’ve spotted along the way. There’s sure to be something here to make your living space look even nicer than before.

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BalsaCircle 7.5 feet 20 LED Fairy Lights Garland — $3.29

A little mood lighting goes a long way and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. This BalsaCircle 7.5 feet 20 LED Fairy Lights Garland looks delightfully. Simply drape it around wherever you want to brighten up in your dorm room, whether it’s to highlight your TV, photos, or shelving unit, and things immediately look a little nicer than before. A choice of colors means you can easily express your personality for less too.

Better Homes & Gardens Black Stone Faux Succulent — $9.87

Better Homes & Gardens Black Stone Faux Succulent on a white background.

Want to keep plants but know you’re not the greatest at remembering to water them and keep them alive? We understand. Buy this Better Homes & Gardens Black Stone Faux Succulent and you get all the benefits of a nice-looking succulent without having to worry about accidentally killing it. When you head home for the holidays, you can leave it behind without worrying about a thing.

Chesapeake Bay Candle — $9.92

Chesapeake Bay Candle on a white background.

A delightful scent in your dorm room is a great way of making things homier. The Chesapeake Bay Candle offers many different scents with sheer jasmine, clary sage, forest honey, lavender mint leaf, rosewood fig, and sea minerals all available. Whatever you choose, it’ll burn for up to 30 hours with a white soy wax blend that smells great. The container looks cute too so it’ll fit into your aesthetic perfectly.

Urban Shop 3D Print Color Changing Moon Lamp — $9.94

Urban Shop 3D Print Color Changing Moon Lamp on a white background.

A color-changing lamp is a fun way of changing up how your room looks on a regular basis. This Urban Shop 3D Print Color Changing Moon Lamp comes with a remote so you can relax in bed and change up the look in no time. With a series of different patterns available to choose from and seven different color light variations, there’s something for every mood. Don’t forget to buy three AAA batteries while you order it.

Mainstays 8-Opening 4 x 6-inch Linear Black Collage Frame — $11.88

Mainstays 8-Opening 4x 6 Linear Black Collage Frame on a white background.

Want to look at photos of your loved ones back home? This Mainstays 8-Opening 4 by 6inch Linear Black Collage Frame is way more fun and satisfying than browsing through your smartphone. It has room for eight different photos with four horizontal openings and four vertical openings. You can arrange images in a fun manner so you can always glance up and see some of your happiest memories. It’s easy to hang up too.

Better Homes & Gardens 1-Light Bronze Metal Cage Swag Pendant Light — $14.07

A new pendant light can change how the lighting in your room looks as well as really set off a great style sensation in your dorm. This Better Homes & Gardens 1-Light Bronze Metal Cage Swag Pendant Light offers a bronze metal cage pendant with a 15-inch black plug-in cord so it’s easy to arrange just how you like it. A vintage-inspired filament bulb offers a classic look so it’s great if you want to go a bit old-school at school. It’s super charming.

Mainstays Long Hair Faux Fur Backrest Pillow — $14.88, was $20

Mainstays Long Hair Faux Fur Backrest Pillow on a white background.

It’s important to be comfortable and to support your back as much as possible when sitting. That’s where the Mainstays Long Hair Faux Fur Backrest Pillow comes in, looking good and feeling good too. Available in multiple different colors, you can easily pick a color that matches your decor, before tossing it onto your chair, sofa, bed, or even floor. It offers comfortable back support for you or your friends and even has a handle for easy transportation. It’s decadent yet stylish too.

Simple Designs Down to the Wire Table Lamp with Fabric Shade — $16.80

Simple Designs Down to the Wire Table Lamp with Fabric Shade on a white background.

A table lamp is a great way of making a dull-looking table become more interesting. This Simple Designs Down to the Wire Table Lamp with Fabric Shade keeps things simple yet classy with a gold metal base and white fabric drum shade. It has an easily accessible rotary switch located on the cord too so it’s easy to use. Everything about it is just right for a subtle improvement to your living space.

Felt Like Sharing Black 10×10 Felt Letter Board — $22.95

Black 10x10 Felt Letter Board displaying Felt letter Boards.

This Felt Like Sharing Black 10 by 10-inch Felt Letter Board is good for all kinds of things. Want to add an inspirational message that you can see each morning? Enter it on here. Alternatively, enter a message for your dormmate to see if you don’t always get to catch up very often. Made from a strong and sturdy oak wood frame, with 300 white letters to choose from, it’s a useful way of adding some fun messages to your aesthetic and it’s really well crafted for the price.

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