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Your kitchen no longer needs measuring cups – here’s why

Measuring cups have been a staple of every kitchen now for years. They provide the basic measurements for many recipes ranging from home-cooked dinners to baked goods and have ultimately been the primary method of measuring food when creating meals.

However, with the implementation of newer kitchen gadgets, measuring cups are becoming a thing of the past. As we make way towards more accurate and well-portioned meals, the measuring cup will be left in the dust of its successor, the digital scale.

woman using a kitchen digital scale
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Why scales are superior to measuring cups

There are several reasons that digital scales have become superior to their measuring cup counterparts. Perhaps the greatest reasons why you should make the switch are due to the two facts below.


First, digital scales can offer more accurate measurements. Scales like this one from Nicewell, can measure food in both grams and ounces, depending on the chef’s preference. Additionally, the scale allows you to measure ingredients ranging from one-tenth of an ounce to twenty-two pounds.

The issue with measuring cups is the lack of precision. When you fill a measuring cup with baking soda, you can’t be sure that it is the exact amount. The cup could be underfilled, or there may be a mound of baking soda on the top. This inability to exact precise measurements could throw off your dish.

Digital scales also allow you to measure your ingredients to exact weights. With a sleek digital display, you can read your ingredients’ weights in either grams, ounces, or pounds. If need be, you also can negate the difference in weight between a dish and the goods inside.

Small measurements

One of the most useful features of digital kitchen scales is the ability to measure smaller quantities. Measuring cups often stop at half a teaspoon. This limits smaller measurements like those made in milliliters.

GreaterGoods created one of the best kitchen scales for measuring small quantities while also saving storage space. The scale is sleek and slim, so it doesn’t take up a ton of counter space. And, most importantly, the incredible accuracy of measurement allows anyone to measure smaller quantities of ingredients with ease.

Our favorite kitchen scale

As digital kitchen scales move towards replacing outdated kitchen measuring tools, people may fret that these new technologies will be costly. However, most kitchen scales are relatively inexpensive and provide accurate precision for your cooking and baking needs. This makes them a favorable alternative to standard measurement tools that can’t compare to the quality of this new kitchen gadget.

We recommend the OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Scale for an affordable, space-saving, easy-to-clean option that provides a diverse range of measuring features. If you’re looking for a scale that goes above and beyond for your kitchen measuring needs, look no further. This stainless steel scale features a pull-out display that displays measurements down to the gram to ensure you’re adding the perfect amount of each ingredient every time.

No matter how often you cook or whether or not you make your meals with a recipe or on your own terms, every kitchen can benefit from having a portable digital scale that allows them the ability to measure ingredients with precision. While it may not seem like a big deal now, we guarantee that you’ll notice a difference the next time you make your favorite recipe with a scale as your measuring tool. Happy cooking!

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