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4 cleaning products under $50 to make shop-worn tools sparkle

Did you know experts recommend cleaning your tools after every DIY project? Cleaning your power and hand tools protects your equipment from rust, build-up, and damage over time. While it may be evident that you should wipe down your tools to increase their longevity, you might be surprised that the right tool cleaner can make a huge difference.

If you’re wondering how to clean greasy tools the right way, look no further. We’ll ensure that your tools remain in prime conditions to prepare you for many DIY projects to come.

Basic cleaning tools

Before hopping into the more specific cleaners, it’s essential to cover some of the basics of tool cleaning.

The most important tip for cleaning your tools properly is to keep a dry rag on hand in your garage or workspace. Dry rags are perfect for wiping off grease or grime or brushing off sawdust. You should wash this cloth after every use to prevent causing a greater mess down the road. Additionally, it’s important to keep your rags dry to keep moisture away from your tools to prevent rust or warping.

Another fantastic tool cleaner to have on hand is WD-40 . Most DIYers have a can or two in their collection. This cleaner is ideal for removing grease and rust from metal tools. It’s also an excellent lubricant for tools that require lubrication to function correctly.

Cleaners for metal

When it comes to maintaining clean and rust-free metal tools, you can’t go wrong with a quality metal cleaner like Trend’s Tool Cleaner . This cleaner is ideal for saw blades, wrenches, drill blades, and router bits. It removes grease and grime without using any abrasive chemicals to ensure your metal tools are guarded against rust and corrosion.

A vital part of protecting your metal tools lies in your ability to keep them dry while remaining lubricated if need be. Having an industrial metal tool cleaner allows you to clean off your tools with a chemical formula that not only eradicates dust and debris but protects your tools in the future.

Tool cleaner for wood

Tools with wooden handles often get ignored when it comes time to clean. It’s not uncommon to wipe down a wooden tool with a dry rag and then toss it into the toolbox. Unfortunately, this is a surefire way to the degradation of your tool.

Hammers are perhaps the most common tools with wooden handles, but they’re certainly not the only tool with wooden materials. To keep your wooden handles sturdy and protected against grime and splitting, it’s recommended that you invest in a quality wood cleaner.

Wood cleaners like the Touch of Oranges Beeswax Wood Polish Conditioner are great for maintaining your tools’ natural glow and endurance. Wood polishes like this one have often been used on flooring, cabinets, and furniture. However, giving a little love to your wooden tools can restore your equipment to its former glory.

Multi-purpose cleaner for grease and grime

Another cleaner that should be in every toolbox is a multi-purpose grease and grime remover. Heavy-duty cleaning wipes like Profferd’s Hand and Tool wipes are great for wiping down exceptionally greasy tools.

These perforated wipes are made thick so you can get thorough use out of them before whipping out another. Additionally, they’re made with gentle, chemical formulas to protect you and the surrounding environment.

Multi-purpose wipes allow you to clean nearly any greasy or grime-covered surface without using several chemicals or product cleaners. You can wipe down metal, plastic, or wood to ensure your tools remain clean and dirt-free. Furthermore, these multi-purpose wipes eliminate the need for soap or water, which means you can keep your tools dry and protected against moisture.

No matter what tools you have, it’s always important to ensure they remain clean and grime-free. Too much build-up or corrosion over time will hinder your equipment’s functionality, causing you to spend more to replace any damaged items. It’s best to clean your tools after every use and store them in a dry place so they remain in prime condition.

While a simple rag or wipe can benefit your tool cleaning routine, it’s often ideal to purchase cleaners that are made to handle a specific material. This will ensure the longevity of your tools and will prepare you for your next big DIY project.

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