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Dyson’s V15 Detect vacuum will just make your spring cleaning anxiety worse

Imagine a cordless vacuum that not only gives your rugs and floors a ridiculously thorough cleaning but one that actually locates and illuminates dirt, debris, and allergens invisible to the naked eye? Sound like something from a sci-fi movie? Probably. But while Dyson’s V15 Detect is the stuff of the future, it’s available today.

The Dyson V15 Detect is certainly powerful and loaded with hi-tech features. The question is if the hype is worth the $700 price tag or if seeing all of the hidden dust and allergens in your home is just going to make you more grossed out while doing your spring cleaning. We’ll highlight the features and Dyson V15 reviews to find out. 

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Laser technology vacuum reveals hidden dirt and dust your eyes can’t see!

Making its debut in March of 2021, the Dyson V15 Detect is the first cordless stick vacuum with a built-in laser emitter that illuminates dust particles on the floor while you clean. According to Dyson, the laser is installed at a precise angle, allowing the green laser light to highlight particles in the pathway of the vacuum’s cleaner head and show you the hidden dirt invisible to the naked eye. And, once you’ve vacuumed an area, the laser will actually confirm if any dirt was left behind. 

How does it work?

Let’s delve into some of the features of this amazing cordless vacuum.

Laser technology

  • Equipped with a precisely angled laser that makes invisible dust visible on hard floors, so you don’t miss a thing while cleaning.
  • Built-in sensor sizes and counts dust particles, increasing suction power as needed.
  • LCD screen shows exactly what’s been vacuumed up, giving you visual scientific proof of its deep cleaning power. 

Dyson V15 Review:

“A Whole New Level of Clean! I thought I was getting my house clean until I started using the V15 detect. On first use I was amazed at the amount of allergens and microscopic dust it picked up, shown on the screen, and visible in the bin!”

– Customer from Washington, D.C.

The inner workings

Dyson’s Hyperdymium™ motor spins up to 125,000 RPMs, giving it the most powerful suction of any cordless vacuum. Patented cyclones generate centrifugal forces up to 100,000g to trap fine dust and dirt inside the bin, so your vacuum will never lose suction. 

It comes equipped with a high-torque cleaner head with 56 polycarbonate teeth to prevent tangling around the bristles—which is great when vacuuming long hair and pet hair. Plus, suction and power automatically adjust when cleaning different types of floors—from high-pile carpets to hardwood and tile. There are even attachments for upholstery, mattresses, and hard-to-reach places. 

Dyson V15 Review:

“Amazing new features! Absolutely love the “laser” feature for hardwood floors. I have a yellow lab that sheds non-stop and was shocked at what the laser detected when vacuuming, as it highlighted all of the various dirt/fur that was previously invisible.”

– Customer from Nashville, TN

Each click-in battery provides 60 minutes of run time and can be charged both on and off the machine. Plus, you can wash both the filter and brush bar, and the bin and tools easily wipe clean, removing any dust build-up and optimizing the performance of the vacuum. 

Made for the clean obsessed

If you obsess about germs and cleanliness in your home, the Dyson V15 Detect is definitely for you. It not only tallies all the dirt it eliminates, it actually logs the amount and size of the dirt it sucks up and displays a breakdown of particle sizes on the LCD screen. You’ll be able to see the particles collected, broken down into categories of:

  • Greater than 10 microns
  • Greater than 60 microns
  • Greater than 180 microns
  • Greater than 500 microns

If you’ve just Googled what a micron actually is, then this vacuum may result in more stress than clean-induced happiness. After all, everyone wants a clean home, but seeing all the dust, allergens, and dirt lit up like a Broadway marquee might be a tad overkill for you. 

In short, if you’re looking for a great cordless vacuum, you can never go wrong with a Dyson. And, if you are looking for that next level of clean, or if someone in your household suffers from allergies, the Dyson V15 Detect might be exactly what you need. But, buyer beware—this high-tech appliance may ramp up your anxiety as it puts the dirt and dust on your floors on full display (even the stuff you didn’t even know was there).

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