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How to clean your bedroom in 15 minutes flat (without shoving things under the bed)

Somehow, the bedroom becomes a dumping ground for dirty clothes, bags, and an array of items that we’ve scattered across the floor. A room meant to radiate calmness and relaxation can quickly become a point of stress for many of us. One day, we look back to see the carnage of several lazy nights where trash, clothing, and other items have been tossed aside for the time being.

If your bedroom needs a quick clean, don’t worry. We’ve gathered some of the best tips for cleaning your bedroom in fifteen minutes. So there’s no need to shove the mess under your bed and call it a day!

Focus on the floor first

If you’re wondering how to clean your room fast, the best place to start is the floor. Often, rooms look messiest when the floor is covered in dirty clothes, trash, and misplaced trinkets. By cleaning from the bottom up, you can truly transform your space, even if you’re limited on time.

Put dirty clothes in the hamper

The first step for cleaning up the floor is to pick up all dirty clothes and place them in the hamper. If your hamper is full, you may want to consider getting an additional basket. Picking up your clothing will help expose the beautiful flooring underneath and allow the room to look much larger. Don’t worry about washing the clothing just yet. That can be handled later when you have more time.

Gather all trash and throw it away

Even if you’re limited on time, picking up the obvious trash like empty bottles, takeout boxes, or old receipts can be a quick and easy cleaning task to accomplish. You don’t need to fret over decluttering or choosing which notebooks or papers need tossing. Instead, focus on picking up and discarding any apparent trash that shouldn’t be in the room.

Pick up any items that are misplaced

Over time, items from other parts of the house find their way to the bedroom. Rather than wasting time to take them all back to their home locations one by one, collect these items into a small pile or inside a box to be put away later. Leave the box in a prominent area so that you can remove them from your bedroom once you have the time.

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Move on to furniture

Once the floor has been picked up, it’s time to focus on the furniture. Whether your furniture has collected an assortment of bowls, books, or paperwork, this is the time to begin straightening up items and making your bedroom look tidier than ever.

Straighten your dresser and side tables

With the floor picked up, it’s time to begin straightening the dresser and side tables. Any items gathered on these surfaces but don’t belong in the bedroom should be placed in a separate box to be moved later. Likewise, any items that had fallen on the floor but are meant to be in the bedroom should be put back in their place.

Change the sheets and make the bed

Of course, one of the most manageable tasks for cleaning your room is to make the bed. If your sheets are dirty, this is a good time to swap them out and toss the old sheets into the hamper to clean later. Making your bed is one of the best ways to make your room look tidy and put together. Definitely don’t skip this step!

Hang or put up clean clothing

If you don’t have a mountain of clean clothing laying around, go ahead and hang or fold these items and put them away. However, if you have gathered nearly your entire closet in one location within your room, it would be better to set the clean clothing on your bed. This will encourage you to tackle all of the folding and hanging before you go to sleep at night.

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Final touches

Once everything has been picked up and put away, it’s time for the final touches. There’s no need to worry about a deep clean right now, but if you have a couple of minutes, these tasks can make your bedroom much cleaner.

Sweep or mop the floor

With everything picked up, you can likely see the majority of your floor now. Use this opportunity to do a quick sweep or vacuum up the main area. There’s no need to move furniture or worry about cleaning every nook and cranny. Focus on a general sweep of the exposed floor and worry about detailing later.

Put away any supplies

Once you’ve finished cleaning, be sure to put all equipment away. Store your broom or vacuum and move any boxes of items to an obvious location, either in the bedroom or in a separate living space.

When you walk in with a plan, it’s easy to quickly know how to clean your room. Focus on tackling the primary messes and do your best to roll over tasks for later. Just don’t forget about those boxes and baskets! If you placed several items belonging to other areas of the house within a box, be sure that you put those items away soon. If you don’t, you run the risk of a greater mess in the future. Additionally, make sure your clean clothes are in an obvious location, like on your bed. This will ensure that you fold them as quickly as possible to not allow them to continue to pile up.

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