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The best beaded curtains for a bohemian touch to your space

Don’t forget that beaded curtains aren’t just for windows. You can hang many of these products across doorways, closets, and even on walls to decorate your home.

Adding beaded curtains to your home can help to complete a space. Beaded details often catch the light, making an impressive statement when hung in windows. If traditional window curtains just aren’t right, beaded options create a unique twist and add some character to your room.

Sapphire Home Window Sheer Curtain Panel

Best Sheer Curtain

With the Sapphire Home Window Sheer Curtain Panel, you can add a stylish touch to any room without making the room darker. This sheer set includes four panels attached together for an incredibly easy installation. Two valances with beads are attached to the panels, and two fabric tiebacks are included to complete the look. Choose from 16 color pairs, including floral patterns, to match your color palette.

No. 918 Erica Sheer Curtain Valance

Best Valance

The No. 918 Erica Sheer Curtain Valance adds a beautiful touch to any room. Crushed sheer voile fabric filters light without making your room too dark, and easily dresses up your window. The rod pocket design makes hanging each valance easy. The beaded scalloped design complements most décor schemes. This valance measures 15 x 24 inches.

Timere Tassel Curtain

Best Tassel Curtain

The eye-catching Timere Tassel Curtain is the perfect way to dress up any room. This hanging bead curtain features silver lurex foils and beads that glitter beautifully in the sun. Measuring 39.4 x 78.8 inches, this panel offers plenty of coverage, and you can cut it to fit your window or door. It is easy to hang and, with 22 different colors available, you’re sure to find the perfect shade for every room in your home.

Beaded curtains are a fun and stylish way to add a touch of detail to your windows and home. Many of these curtains are suitable for use in multiple areas, creating color in doorways, closets, and more. Easy to install and aesthetically pleasing, these curtains can help you decorate your home like a pro.

Maximize your small space: Our favorite loft bed ideas from Instagram
Fantastic Instagram loft bed ideas to save space and optimize storage
Photo gallery along staircase

Nothing quite hits the mark when it comes to space-saving solutions in the bedroom like a loft bed. This bed style optimizes your bedroom storage, maximizes the space available, and creates unique bedroom setups that allow you to get creative with how you use your space. And the best part is that these bed setups make cozy nooks for a comfortable night’s sleep, an afternoon study session, or imaginative play. A loft bed is great for anyone of any age and can significantly add to the versatility of the bedroom.

So, if you’re looking for some loft bed inspiration to bring this creative setup to your room or your kid’s room, you’re in luck. We searched Instagram for some of our favorite lofted bed ideas, and now, we’re going to share them with you.

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The artwork you choose to display in your home is an enormously personal choice and one that will absolutely affect your home's design aesthetic. You don't want to just throw a few wooden boards with cliche words up on the wall and call it a farmhouse chic design, right? Instead, your artwork should express who you are and the environment you want to live in. When choosing decorative artwork for your walls, there's no wrong answer, as long as the pieces speak to you.

That doesn't mean there aren't trends and design cycles when it comes to artwork for a home. Just like everything else, art is cyclical. If you’re looking for some decorating inspiration, read on to discover what artwork interior designers are choosing to adorn rooms with.

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Oak wood has a tendency to look outdated or overly traditional in a home's design. This happens for several reasons. For example, a dark or brown color palette makes oak look a bit drab in spaces where modernists prefer light or airy tones.

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