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8 easily fixable ways your bedroom looks totally tacky

Sure, that might sound a little harsh, but wouldn’t you rather have someone be honest with you about what looks tacky and how you can fix it? After all, your bedroom is where you should go to relax, get inspired, and reenergize for the following day. If it’s not doing that for you, there are some quick things you can update or change in your bedroom decor that will completely transform your space from boring and tacky in no time.

Here are some top bedroom design ideas to get your creative juices flowing and, more importantly, what’s totally outdated and holding you back from having a room you can be proud to show off.

King sized bed in modern bedroom

Check your wall art

If you have a lot of inspirational quotes and sayings on your walls (especially if they are painted directly on the walls themselves), it may be time to invest in some new artwork. Quotes are fine, and having a favorite one handy in a small frame on a desk is one thing. Displaying it as a centerpiece in a bedroom is another thing entirely. Instead, find a piece of art from a local artist or a painting from somewhere you’ve traveled and opt for that instead.

Replace small baseboards

If you live in a home built in the ’80s or ’90s, you may have skinny baseboards. It’s not expensive to have them replaced with thicker (2 inches or more) baseboards to give the room an up-to-date look. It’s amazing what adding an inch or two will do to the overall look of your room. If you have the tools to install them yourself, you can bang that out in no time. If not, hire a professional to install them in your bedroom.

Get rid of old carpet

If you can’t remember the last time your bedroom carpet was replaced and you’ve grown accustomed to the random stains and frays on your carpet, consider changing it out entirely. Even better, if you can replace carpet with a wood or wood alternative, it’s like giving your bedroom a facelift. Add in a luxurious area rug, and your room will give off a totally different vibe.

Tamas Gabor

Change up drab walls

If your walls need a new coat of paint, consider something with a little color. If you’re not sure you can commit to a full room of deep blue, try it on an accent wall. If you’re ready for a little pattern in your life, try wallpaper on one wall. You’ll be amazed how quickly your room feels different, and you’ll wonder why you hadn’t invested in a new look before now.

modern muted green bedroom wall color

Invest in new bedding

Your sheets and duvet are so important — not just in getting a good night’s sleep but in how your room looks as well. Find a high-thread-count sheet set in a crisp white, and add color and texture from there with throw pillows, accent pillows, and a goose-down-filled duvet. After all, your bed should be inviting, and you deserve to sleep in luxury.

Add character

One way a room can look tacky is if there is too much blank space. Your bedroom should be a place you can find all the things you love. Why not showcase your favorite books, a vase from a recent vacation, or a family picture sitting in a frame? You can do this on top of a dresser or go one further and install a corner bookshelf or floating shelves, so you can see all of your treasures.

Don’t forget about lighting

You need good lighting in a bedroom, and if all you have is one old dome light stuck in the middle of your ceiling, you are missing out on another design area. Find a chandelier that makes a statement, or add sconces to either side of your bed. Make sure you install a dimmer so you can control the amount of light depending on what you’re doing.

Infuse your personality

Your bedroom should be an extension of you, so if it looks too trendy or out of character for who you are, that can come off as tacky. You want every room of your home to speak to who you are as a person, so make sure it does just that. Pick colors, patterns, and textures that are warm, inviting, and give anyone who sees it an idea of who you are.

These are just a few options to get your bedroom looking a little more like you and a little less outdated (read: tacky). There are so many other things you can do — adding curtains, plants, new side table lamps, and new hardware to your dressers — and just a few changes will have you stunned at how quickly your bedroom becomes your favorite room in your home.

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