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Don’t make these silly rug mistakes in your bedroom: How to position an area rug

Your bedroom should be a comfortable, inviting oasis that you can escape to at the end of the day and relax. Adding textiles like area rugs, pillows, and throw blankets can work wonders, transforming it into a space that’s calm and tranquil. Unlike other rooms in your home, it can be difficult to figure out how to position an area rug in bedrooms. Not only that, getting the size, color, and material right can also be a challenge — but it doesn’t have to be.

Having a rug in your bedroom adds coziness and defines certain parts of the room from others, adding a little organization to larger bedrooms. However, you need to position it correctly to make sure the space really shines. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a spot for your new rug.

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Make sure you get the right size

Commonly, an area rug fits right underneath your bed and extends for a few feet on either side. To decide how large of a rug you’ll need, measure your bed plus any bedside tables or lamps you’d want entirely on the rug’s surface. Keep in mind that covering this much area necessitates a fairly large rug, and this can get expensive.

If you’d rather not invest that much in your redecorating project, you can also place a small runner at the foot of your bed to add a little sophistication to the room. If the rug is shorter than the width of the bed, place it about an inch or an inch and a half away from the end of the bed. If the rug is wider, place the footboard or bottom legs atop the edge. rug.

Finally, if you have a separate sitting area or a desk positioned around a bedroom window, make this a defined space placing a bold, colorful rug underneath it. This is great for larger bedrooms, as it adds an additional focal point to the room. Be careful about adding small rugs in smaller rooms as it can break up the space and create a design that looks too busy.

Bedroom with gray rug, bed, and chair

Don’t cover your rug up too much

While rugs are functional, adding much-needed warmth to cold floors, they should be stylish too. A large area rug usually draws the eye, so it’s crucial to choose a piece that fits the style and character of the room. Rugs are also expensive, so there’s little use spending all that money just to hide it underneath too much furniture. If it’s under the bed, make sure at least a foot of the perimeter is visible. When decorating a seating area or reading nook, pick glass tables and chairs so the rug stands out.

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Layer properly

Rug layering presents an opportunity to have a little fun, combining different shapes, sizes, and colors to create a statement piece that’s full of your personality. If you have a piece with a bold color or design, add it over a lighter-colored, single-toned rug. We also love pairing a large, square, area rug with a patterned circular rug layered on top and off to one corner. You can also place them directly on top of each other to create interesting shapes and angles.

There is a lot of freedom when it comes to placing rugs throughout your bedroom. Whether it’s a statement piece or an accessory, there’s no place that a rug must or mustn’t be. All you need to do is pick a piece in the right size and style for the location, and it’ll elevate the overall aesthetic of the space.

There are so many gorgeous rugs available in hundreds of styles and colors. If you want to try before you buy, tape off the size of the rug you’re considering so you can get a visual of it before making a purchase. Some sites also have augmented reality features so you can see a digital rendering of what the piece would look like in your space. With so many options available from stores like Wayfair, Room and Board, West Elm, and Target, you won’t have trouble finding one you love.

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