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What you need to build the most relaxing bedroom

a restful bedroom

Your bedroom is the one space in your home that is all yours. When you are in it, you should feel like you have arrived at your very own oasis, free from the stresses of the world…and the rest of your home. Designing a tranquil bedroom is about building a relaxing retreat from the ground up. Here, we take you through the steps to bring yours from standard to the bedroom of your dreams.

Relaxing bedroom colors

One of the easiest relaxing bedroom ideas to implement is painting a few walls. Color has a big impact on how a room makes you feel. Strong colors like ruby red, forest green, and tangerine work great in spaces where you want to feel energized and motivated; what you want in a bedroom are shades that evoke peacefulness and calm, falling into the neutral and cool families. These include soft whites, beiges, grays, light blues, and misty greens. Walls painted in these hues make a room feel airy and open.

Floor coverings

In any design, rugs will help designate different zones of the space. Even if you have wall-to-wall carpeting, an area rug layered on top is a good way to establish a feature such as the bed or a seating area. For a bedroom, you will want to find one in soft, plush materials that will feel good underfoot.

The perfect bed

For a truly luxurious bedroom experience, your bed needs to more than a standard sheet set and quilt. The goal is to layer bedding in a way that looks truly inviting and create a spot that anyone would want to relax in. If it is in your budget, an upholstered headboard will not only make the bed look plusher but will offer extra cushion when sitting up. Make sure you have at least four standard pillows—two with standard pillowcases and two with coordinating pillow shams. Invest in quality, high thread count sheets that feel soft to the touch. Layer on a snuggly blanket and fold a quilt or comforter at the bottom of the bed. To complete your bed, add accent pillows in various sizes.

cozy bed with feet in snuggly socks

Create mood lighting

Bright, jarring light has no place in a bedroom. A single overhead fixture will not provide the desired ambiance. Instead, tabletop and floor lamps give off a softer glow that fits better in a bedroom. Just make sure the bulbs you choose are soft white, which will give the room a warm and cozy feeling.

To create the ultimate sleeping environment, invest in blackout shades. This will ensure that the room stays dark even after the morning sun comes up. They are also a great option if you are someone who enjoys afternoon naps.

Find the perfect nightstand

The table or small chest beside your bed should reflect you. If you are a reader, find one with shelves or drawers to house books. If you want a spot to put your phone and perhaps a soothing cup of tea at night, make sure it has an ample tabletop. A table lamp and any special mementos will top it off.

Complete the space

A few well-placed accessories will add warmth and character. Large covered baskets not only bring an interesting design element but also provide good storage. Wood pieces infuse any room with depth and interest. Art should be soothing and convey the overall aesthetic of the space. If there is room, a seating area, or a reading nook will offer another spot to relax. Make sure to add accent pillows and a throw to make it another inviting place to spend time.

Reduce stress

Studies show incorporating plants into our environments reduces stress. They bring nature inside and clean the air. White noise played by using machines or even apps from your phone effectively tunes out distractions from the outside world and creates a peaceful setting. Essential-oils dispersed by using a diffuser is an inexpensive way to add scent to your space. Some of the best ones for promoting sleep are lavender and chamomile oils.

By incorporating these simple decorating ideas, you can create a bedroom that will offer a true escape from the worries of the outside world and have a peaceful place where you can feel the most at ease.

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