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This $50 item helped wrangle my messy home office desk

Your home office is where you spend the majority of your time. It’s your thinking space, your earning space, your productivity space, and maybe even your lunch space on some busy days. So, your home office desk can get cluttered pretty quickly, and you need some tools to keep your desktop looking organized and inviting, so it’s a place you want to be. For Apple users, using the MagicBridge for home offices combines your keyboard and your trackpad into one unit, making a perfectly organized and portable operating surface. We’re going to do a MagicBridge review here and go over some of its great features and benefits.

Keeps your desktop organized

Since it combines the keyboard and trackpad in one tight space, the MagicBridge also creates more room on your desktop. For example, you’ll have room for an elevated MacBook stand. This type of desk organization will help keep your laptop protected from daily wear and tear, and it will reduce the strain on your neck from squinting to see your screen.

Increases productivity

With the independent keyboard and trackpad on your MacBook, your components move around a bit. Having to look down and find your roaming trackpad may seem like a quick second, but all those seconds add up to a lot of lost time. With the MagicBridge, your fingers will quickly find the components without your eyes having to leave the screen.

Durable build, lightweight design

Made from a polycarbonate material, the MagicBridge adds a layer of protection for your components. It protects them from damage and extends their lives significantly. They won’t need to be replaced as quickly as if they were sitting around freely on your desktop. The polycarbonate is also super lightweight and thin, so you can have a sleek, minimalist workspace without clunky accessories.

Versatility is built-in

You can customize your MagicBridge setup and put the trackpad on either the left or right side of your keyboard, depending on which hand you use. With its Bluetooth capabilities and lightweight design, you can use your components on your desktop, on a table, on the kitchen counter, or you can kick back and use it on your lap. Another great benefit is that the MagicBridge can be used with both your Mac book and your iPad.

Easy to set up

You won’t have to tinker with this product for very long to get it set up. The keyboard and trackpad click easily in place, and no complex installation is required. Components can also be easily removed by simply putting your finger through one of the three holes on the bottom of the MagicBridge.

Affordable price

Apple products are certainly not known for their affordability. It’s a good thing that the MagicBridge is available at an affordable price, so you won’t have to break the bank to get a bit of organization into your home workspace.

More great features

Here are some more specific features that were added to the MagicBridge for your comfort and convenience.

Optional silicone keyboard insert

The insert elevates the keyboard slightly above the trackpad so your fingers can easily find either component. You can move it to the right, the left, or completely remove it, depending on your preference.

Silicone feet

Four rubber feet on the bottom of the MagicBridge keep it in place so that your components won’t slide or roam around your desktop as you work. These feet also protect your table or desktop from scratches or wear.

Rear charging port grill

You can easily access the charging ports for both your keyboard and trackpad, as well as the power buttons for each through the port cutouts on the grill on the backside of the MagicBridge. This means you won’t have to remove your components from the MagicBridge to charge them.

Keeping your home workspace clean and free of clutter is vital in promoting productivity, organization, and even good moods. As an Apple user, you love to have the best smart products and accessories, so the MagicBridge is a great addition to your workspace. With its sleek design, versatile functionality, and affordable price, you’ll wonder how you’ve ever worked without it.

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