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These are the kitchen design rules everyone should follow

Mark McCammon/ Pexels

The kitchen is a multipurpose room where so much time is spent preparing meals, eating and cleaning. It may even be a work from home or homework hub as well. The goal is to have a kitchen that looks great aesthetically, but is also functional and allows energy to flow. Try making some small adjustments by applying design and feng shui principles.

Stove location is important

The stove is a very powerful part of the kitchen according to feng shui. The Spruce states, “The stove represents your resources, career, and how you can nourish yourself to have the most success in the world.” The stove needs to be in the commanding position. In order to accomplish this, The Spruce elaborates, “When you’re in command, you are able to see the door while you’re cooking at your stove, without being in line with the door. This allows you to be in control of your life and career, and to see any people, energies, or opportunities that may be coming your way.” This simple change can breathe new life into the room and your home.

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If your stove in not already in the commanding position and cannot be moved, there is still a solution. The Spruce recommends, ” . .  . you can add a mirror in a location that allows you to see the door behind you while you’re cooking.” Stoves can be difficult to relocate, so this still provides feng shui benefits without having to completely rearrange the kitchen.

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Display some fruit

An easy design fix is placing a colorful fruit bowl on the kitchen counter. In addition to adding some color and living elements to the kitchen, it has feng shui significance. According to MyDomaine, “Fruit signifies abundance for health and wealth, while also providing key nutrients for you to eat. If you can’t always fill your bowl with fresh fruits, the next best option is to use artificial ones.” It also has practical purposes, it can remind you to eat a healthy snack  and also remind you of the fruit you current have available, so less goes to waste.

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Color is key

The kitchen can be a hectic place, so choose colors that feel welcoming and serene. MyDomaine recommends, “To calm the overall atmosphere of a kitchen, whites, greens, yellows, sky blues, earthy colors, or even soft grays.” This can make busy meal times and clean ups feel more tranquil.

You can also use color to make a small kitchen look and feel bigger. MyDomaine suggests, ” . . . keep the wall and cabinet colors light. Lighter colors help expand small rooms.” If you have a kitchen on the smaller side, opt for an eggshell, white, gray, or light blues, greens and yellows.

Have a focal point

Choose one area of your kitchen that will catch the eye design-wise. Better Homes & Gardens suggests, “Splashy backsplash tile, fancy flooring, a sizable range hood, bright kitchen cabinets, or patterned countertops can all serve as the attention-grabbing element. Once you select the focus, complement that area with a few other quieter but still eye-catching details.” Having too many eye catching elements can be too busy, so decide where you want to put your focus.

Keep cleaning in mind

There are some tricks to minimizing cleaning time, since a significant amount of time is spent tidying up after meals. Better Homes & Gardens recommends, ” . . . glass refrigerator shelves catch spills that wire shelves let through. Flush-set or undermount sinks don’t have a crumb-catching rim to worry about. Matte finishes don’t show dirt as much as glossy ones do.” While these can seem like small details, it can save you a lot of time over the long run and simplify your clean up routine. Keep cleaning supplies in a convenient and organized place, so that everyone knows where to find each thing. Using cleaning supply organizers and caddies can help maximize under sink and cabinet spaces.

Feng shui also suggests cleaning the kitchen with high quality salt and water. According to The Spruce, “Salt is a crystal and it can absorb negative, stagnant energies.” Be mindful and intentional while cleaning with the salt. The Spruce elaborates, “Take time to wipe down all your surfaces while visualizing that the salt is absorbing any difficult or negative qi.” This relaxing exercise can bring a sense of peace and positivity to the space.

Try these kitchen design techniques to bring some fresh energy to the room. These changes may save you some time and make the space flow in a more functional way.

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