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12 office nook ideas on Instagram we love

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With more and more people working from home these days, many find they need to carve out areas of their home to create an office. Designing a space that is both chic and efficient can be a challenge. Looking for some ideas to get you started? Sometimes inspiration is just a click away. Read on for our top 12 favorite office nook ideas on Instagram.

Convert a closet

Have a closet that doesn’t get much use? Why not turn it into your own private office? In this clever overhaul, the back wall is outfitted with a vertical shiplap and painted a deep shade. Two warm wooden floating shelves hold decorative accents and books. A sturdy piece of butcher block provides the ideal desk surface, and a minimalist chair completes the look.

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Use wallpaper to define

Proof positive that you can transform any random nook into a stunning workspace. In this space, a panel of adorable black and white wallpaper frames the sleek white desk, and a series of pictures in various sizes give the wall some personality. Gold is the perfect accent color and is picked up in the chair, wall-mounted storage, and in a few accessories.

Create a cozy spot

Use every corner of your office. In this one, a cozy reading nook was created with the addition of a simple white chair. It stands out when positioned against the striking paneled wall. Add a lamp and a side table, and you have the perfect spot to take a break.

Transform a furniture piece

Office by day, unassuming dresser by night. Cool all the time! This sleek, modern dresser does double duty and can turn any room into a workspace. The perfect solution when you just don’t have another room available.

Go boho

Do you work best in a space with a relaxed vibe? Check out this boho-inspired office. We love the overall way it all comes together, from the plush rug to the unusual rattan chair and the workhorse-inspired desk. Finish it off with plants, an orb light, and a woven wall hanging, and you have a space anyone would love to spend the day in.

Stick with neutrals

Want to know how to make even the smallest spaces feel light and airy? It is easy–go neutral. A simple white desk paired with light wood accents in this design gives the design a fresh, breezy vibe. Greenery adds a touch of color, and the wicker chair is the perfect finishing touch.

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Energize your design

The design of this office nook is sure to bring energy into any workday. Just above the modern desk, the graphic wall art stands out in vibrant shades of color that pair nicely with the pop of color on the chair. A cabinet is used to define the nook and is topped with plants, which add life to the space.

Scale it right

One of the rules when decorating a small space? Use furniture with slim lines. This concept is executed perfectly in this office nook. A room divider serves as the backdrop, and a sleek black table with a marble top acts as the desk. A beautiful chair with curved lines and neutral art and accessories keeps the feeling open and light.

Make a space within a space

How can you define a nook in the middle of another room? In this clever design, a simple painted arch lets you know where the workspace is. Chic floating shelves with graphic artwork and small accessories are hung just above the desk, and a sleek lamp and chair with touches of gold and black bring it all together.

Use a landing space

Many times landing spaces at the bottom or top of stairs are underutilized. Here, a desk perfectly fits the dimensions, and its crisp white palette gives the workspace an open, airy feel. Touches of brass are balanced throughout on the floating shelves, desktop, and stool.

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Custom conversion

Who would ever know this office nook was created out of a closet? The back wall is clad in shiplap, while stunning herringbone wallpaper gives dimension to the side walls. Two rustic floating shelves sit just above the white desktop. The overall effect is a design that feels homey and modern.

Give it its own identity

With so many offices in bedrooms, how do you give the workspace its own flair? Here, the desk’s wall is clad in vertical shiplap and painted a striking black, which clearly identifies it as the office. A mid-century modern desk and chair add a stylish touch. The addition of plants and a few well-placed accents soften the overall feel.

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Now that you have seen how easy it is to create an office out of even the most unexpected spaces, the only question left to ask is–which one is right for you?

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