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5 unique fall wreath ideas for your front door that feel modern and fresh

It’s finally autumn, and front door wreaths are back in business. If you choose to create your own, you have the freedom to add in all your favorite colors, textures, flowers, and iconic fall elements. You can play around with the classic fall color palette of red, yellow, burgundy, and orange, or you can opt for something nontraditional and pack your home with ivory, forest green, and navy blue.

However, starting from scratch can be pretty intimidating. To give yourself a starting place and gain some design inspiration, look to Instagram. Simply search ‘fall wreaths’ on the Explore page to find tons of images and instructions that can guide your wreath-making journey. Before you run to the craft store to pick up all your materials, check out these five unique wreaths that we absolutely adore. They may inspire you to implement textures, colors, and items that you hadn’t considered before.

Take advantage of the season

We love this fall wreath from Paint Transfer Design, a small home decor store in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. It brings in everything we love about the season, including pumpkins, gourds, and fall leaves, and brings them all together in a classic, traditional fall wreath that would look perfect on the front door of a modern farmhouse. These designers sourced their materials from Hobby Lobby and Dollar Tree, but you can find similar items at your local craft store as well.

Monochrome rules

We adore this monochromatic (ish) ivory and blush front door wreath from Fern and Farmhouse. It’s the perfect nod to a rustic, farmhouse style with the inclusion of burlap ribbon, ivory pumpkins, and pampas grass. This wreath gives a bit of elegance to your entryway and will welcome friends and family when they come for all the fall fun. It’s always fun to work with your hands and create your own decor, but if you want to get your hands on this specific wreath, check out Fern and Farmhouse’s Etsy shop.

Beaded hoop wreaths

We love everything about beaded hoop wreaths like this one from Bindle Things. It’s less busy than classic wreaths, making it a favorite of contemporary designers. This one has a gorgeous sunflower as the focal point and keeps the rest of the design pretty simple, allowing the hoop to really shine. Grab a few beaded hoops at your local craft store, then decorate a section of the wreath with your favorite flowers and plants to create this modern, seasonal wreath.

Simplicity wins

If you believe in the “less is more” mantra, this may be the perfect wreath for you. Featured by Andi Mans on Instagram, this wheat wreath is pure class. It’s understated but still gives a nod to autumn by incorporating natural materials that we often associate with the harvest season. It’s fairly simple to make, and the DIY version is much less expensive than those at designer stores, some of which sell similar wreaths for over $80. If you want to add a little color, add a simple buffalo plaid ribbon to one end or fill a small section with colorful chrysanthemums.

Ribbon it

We love the use of ribbon in fall wreaths, and this one from Design Interior South is no exception. Not only is the ribbon fashionable, but it’s also functional, as it’s being used to hang the wreath itself (or block the wreath holder — either way we love it). The sharp black and white stripes set against a wood and eucalyptus leaf backdrop is a striking contrast, and the pomegranates at the base of the wreath celebrate the bounty of the harvest. The entire wreath is simple yet breathtaking at the same time, and you can dress it up or down to match the style of your home.

These five wreaths bring in all the coziness and icons of the season, capturing the things we love about fall without looking cliche. While you can purchase many of these designs, making one yourself is much less expensive, and you’ll have the opportunity to customize it to fit your tastes and reflect your own personal design sensibilities.

Be creative with your materials and pair traditional leaves, flowers, and twigs with nontraditional items like fruit, wheat, eucalyptus, flannel, and anything else that emits a fall feel. By keeping these trends in mind, you’ll end up with a personalized wreath that you can be proud to hang on your front door. Now, all you need is a pumpkin spice latte and an apple donut, and you’ll be on your way to the perfect fall day.

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