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The Casper Original Mattress review: Pros and cons

Shortly after they rolled a mattress into a box and sent it off to a customer’s doorstep in 2014, Casper mattresses became the first company to gain notoriety in the mattress-in-a-box industry. This action, which essentially “cut out the middleman,” and eliminated the need for brick and mortar stores in favor of working directly with customers, quickly put Casper founders in serious business.

Popular primarily with millennials, Casper mattresses serve a need for convenience and portability overlooked by more traditional brands. Having started with just one mattress type, the company now makes four types, as well as pillows, bedding (including their popular dog beds), bed frames, night lights, and more. If you’re in the market for a new mattress and you’re curious about Casper’s Original Mattress, we’ve broken it down for you so you can decide if it’s the one for you.

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The Review:

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I had the opportunity to test out one of Casper’s brand new Original mattresses recently and was pleased with the overall experience. I found the Original to be comfortable, convenient, chemical scent-free, and light enough to move easily between rooms by myself. Since the bed frames available in my home were twin-sized, I opted for the twin-sized Casper mattress to match.

In a nutshell:

I found myself able to get comfortable and fall asleep easily, stay asleep most of the night (I did wake up a couple of times, but fewer than usual), and I felt rejuvenated in the morning.  After considering the lightweight ease of portability of the Casper Original, I feel it’s best designed for kids, high school and college students, or young professionals, especially those who like to move often. As mentioned online, it also works well as a daybed. 

In greater detail:

The Twin Casper Original is made of all foam, although a Hybrid version with springs is now available as well. There are three zones of support to relieve pressure under your shoulder area, hips, and lower back and keep you comfortable all night, as well as a top layer of proprietary AirScape foam which makes sure you stay cool. The measurements for the twin-size Original are 38 inches wide by 75inches in length, and the foam weighs a total of 46 pounds. Twin-sized covers are also made with at least 57 recycled bottles, making it a great option for an earth-friendly mattress.

Additionally, the Casper Original comes with the following features:

The price of the Original is about average for foam mattresses, and quite affordable compared to more traditional types. Like many mattress-in-a-box companies, Casper offers a 100-night trial, free shipping, contact-less delivery, and pickup returns, if needed — and Casper will do all the packing up. A 10-year limited warranty for manufacturer’s defects comes with it as well.

Casper construction, quality standards, and firmness

Foams are all Certi-PUR-US, meaning they’re made without ozone-depleting chemicals. They’re also regulated to ensure low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions to help maintain healthier indoor air quality. Minimal off-gassing was observed, and I was thrilled to find no chemical smell at all when I unboxed my Casper. I was prepared to leave the windows open all night in the bedroom having read the reviews of other similar mattresses, but it wasn’t necessary at all. The firmness level was about average or slightly below (I give it a 6 out of 10) for a memory foam mattress.

Who is the Casper Original best for?

In my opinion, the Casper Original is ideal for anyone single and frequently on-the-move. It’s the perfect mattress for kids, anywhere from elementary school-age through college-age, young professionals who like to keep their location flexible, or anyone else who fits this basic mold. On the other hand, people who prefer more traditional furniture, like to shop in a brick and mortar store, or like larger, sturdier beds, may not like the Original. Also, folks who prefer any or all sleeping positions and those who sleep hot will enjoy the Original.

What we like:

Ease of setup/maneuvering:

It was a pleasure to unbox and set up the Original, and only took a few minutes. Once we opened the box, pulled the rolled up mattress out, and cut open the plastic vacuum-sealed package, it expanded itself immediately to its full size. As I mentioned earlier, there were no off-gassing or undesirable chemical smells, so we were able to put sheets on and use the Original that night. The mattress is very lightweight at only 46 pounds of foam, so it can easily be maneuvered between rooms.

Low motion transfer

The Original has the lowest motion transfer of any mattress we’ve tried lately, with just the perfect amount of sinkage once pressure is applied which springs right back into place once the pressure is removed. If you had a partner or pet lying on the Original with you, they would likely not be disturbed if you moved a bit, and vice versa. The Hybrid might bring a bit more motion transfer than the Original for those who like more ‘bounce’ to their mattress.

Zone Support: Good for all 3 sleeping positions

The importance of zone support in a new mattress cannot be overstated, and the Original offers it in 3 zones. Top layers offer great pressure relief while the lower zone brings more support in. For the shoulders, there’s a softer layer of foam for the upper body, while firmer layers are placed to help the hips, lower back, and waist align the spine properly. What’s more? A full 11 inches of foam overall gives any sleeper a pleasant body contouring experience.

Cooling top layer

We all sleep warm in this household, so the Casper[/cc-link] Original’s top layer of proprietary Airscape perforated breathable foam is highly appreciated. It helps keep even the warmest sleeper stay cool all night with its heightened airflow and circulation.

What We Dislike 

Edge support isn’t great

While most of the Casper Original’s ideal customers won’t likely spend a lot of time sitting on the edge of their bed, some of us might linger for a minute or two (I like to sip my first cup of coffee bedside while I listen to the news and adjust to being awake, for example). That said, you aren’t likely to roll off the bed during sleep, either. The edges aren’t extremely firm, so you’ll likely sink a little lower than you had in mind once you throw your legs over the side.

What Customers Think 

With 4.5 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, 4.7 on Sleepopolis, 4.4 on Amazon , and an A+ rating on the BBB, it’s obvious that most customers are highly satisfied with their Casper Originals.

Although some customers noted a bit of sagging in the middle of their Original within the 100-night trial and returned it, most found it comfortable and durable throughout. Some thought the top layer cooled quite efficiently while others insisted they still slept hot in spite of it. The price, $600 for the Original, is a bit on the expensive side for a twin mattress that arrives in a box, but we feel it’s still worth every penny.

Should You Buy It? 

Overall, we decided the Casper Original is a worthwhile purchase for families with children, students of all ages, and young professionals or those who like to live flexibly and move often. Additionally, they’re great for all sleep positions, and most customers who sleep warm. They can also be used as the bottom mattress in a bunk bed situation, but never for the top bunk due to its height and the possibility of a sleeper rolling off.

If you’d rather have a sturdier or more traditional bed or if you sleep more on the cold side, the Casper Original may not be for you. Consider some of the other Casper options, or turn away from Casper altogether if this is you. Remember, you’ll have 100 nights to make your final decision on whether you want it or not! (Just keep your receipts and documentation.)

Order your own Casper Original, and take advantage of the company’s new contact-free delivery today by clicking below:

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