The best ornament storage boxes to neatly store your decor

It is tough to be jolly when you have to scramble for boxes to fit the many ornaments that you used over the holidays. On the other hand, when you have proper ornament-storage boxes, you can be sure that your decorative items will stay safe and protected until it’s time for them to bring joy to your home again.

Holiday ornaments are tricky to store because they come in a variety of shapes and sizes that can be difficult to protect. Without proper storage boxes, the delicate materials of ornaments require greater safeguarding that can make the process tedious and challenging. With the items on our list, you can prepare yourself with the best ornament boxes and make storage of these precious decorations a breeze once the holidays are over.

Elf Stor Ornament Storage Chest

Best overall

The Elf Stor Ornament Storage Chest is a 12” x 12” x 12” storage cube that holds up to 64 ornaments to keep them safe and organized year-round. Protect your favorite keepsakes in storage, while you transport or unpack them with this durable storage box that is sturdy and lightweight.

Honey-Can-Do Ornament Storage Box with Dividers

Best underbed ornament storage box

Even with limited storage space at home, you still need to put away your holiday ornaments during the off-season. With the Honey-Can-Do Ornament Storage Box, you can safeguard 40 of your favorite keepsakes under your bed and keep them protected until the next holiday season. This box features a single handle for portability and a lid that slides to protect your items.

Classic Accessories Ornament Organizer & Storage Bin

Best portable ornament storage box

The heavy-duty Classic Accessories Ornament Organizer & Storage Bin protects up to 60 ornaments with three interior corrugated trays. It features two strong handles for ease of transportation from your home to your storage unit. Remove and reconfigure the inner trays to fit and protect ornaments of assorted sizes.

With the convenience of ornament storage boxes, you will get as excited at the end of the holidays as you do during the beginning of the season. These functional and attractive storage solutions are the best way to keep your ornaments safe and organized year-round. The items on our list come in a variety of sizes, for you to choose the one that works best with the storage space that is available in your home.

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