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This affordable rug brand sells area rugs for under $100

best resare products
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RESARE has manufactured affordable area rugs since 2014. The brand offers a variety of neutral, patterned rugs including boho cross patterns, modern abstract designs, and more traditional options.

From the plush feel of its area rugs to the strong grip of its non-slip rug pad, RESARE’s collection is a testament to its commitment to quality and sustainable living. After picking your favorite rug, make sure to grab a rug pad to prevent slips and cushion your steps.

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What is RESARE?

RESARE specializes in creating area rugs that are both practical and stylish. They stand out for their unique designs and consistent quality. The brand offers an array of products, including cozy area rugs for indoor spaces and supportive rug pads that add comfort and safety. These pieces are long-lasting for heavy traffic areas.

RESARE also commits to sustainability efforts and its products are recognized with a Standard 100 certification by OEKO-TEX, which means every component of their products is tested against over 1,000 harmful chemicals.

Our Review of RESARE

resare rug gripper

RESARE Non-Slip Rug

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This anti-slip carpet pad prevents your rugs from shifting when walked on, eliminating any worries about slipping accidents. Whether you have a rug on a hardwood floor or a tile surface, this pad ensures stability. What sets this rug pad apart is its ability to safeguard your rugs from damage. Prolonged friction can harm the rug’s backing, causing the pile to loosen over time. This rug pad acts as a buffer, absorbing the shock from foot traffic and preserving the integrity of your rug. It extends your rug’s longevity and maintains the look and feel of your floors.

This high-quality cushioned rug pad protects your flooring from scratches and potential color transfer, preventing discoloration or staining. Its dense fibers offer cushioning and noise reduction, making your space quieter and more comfortable. One of the standout features is its free cut size option, allowing you to trim the pad to fit your rug’s dimensions easily. The edges remain firm and smooth, ensuring a perfect fit.

resare boho rug

RESARE Boho Area Rug

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The RESARE Boho Area Rug is a fun, neutral addition to any living space. This bohemian-style area rug adds cushioning and warmth to your decor and personality to your room. Whether you have hardwood or tile floors, this rug enhances the aesthetic and helps reduce noise in your living area. One of the standout features of this rug is its versatility in size options. The rug is perfect for smaller living rooms, creating an illusion of a larger space and anchoring your furniture for a cozy layout. On the other hand, this area rug is ideal for larger living rooms, seamlessly tying the room with its expansive coverage.

These neutral area rugs effortlessly blend into any room, adding an understated rustic charm with their textures and patterns. They elevate the decor and provide practicality by offering full coverage for stains and protection against scratches. These rugs ensure comfort and relaxation for you and a soft play area for your kids. The high-tech material and TPR backing also guarantee durability and sustainability, making it easy to maintain with its machine-washable feature.

resare modern rug

RESARE Modern Abstract Area Rugs

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The RESARE Modern Abstract Area Rug has a transitional style with captivating abstract lines that add a dynamic sense of movement to any room. The contemporary color palette, featuring soothing grays, lends a touch of elegance and sophistication to your living space. This thin area rug provides a soft, inviting texture that instantly warms your room. Handmade with a durable TPR backing, it stays securely in place, ensuring safety and comfort. A rug pad offers an extra layer of cushioning, but the rug itself offers a comfortable feel underfoot.

What truly sets this rug apart is its exceptional durability. It comes with a proprietary blend of polyester fibers, making it perfect to withstand both low and high-traffic areas. Its shed-resistant nature maintains its pristine appearance, and regular vacuuming is all it takes to keep it looking great. Choosing the right size is a breeze as well. This rug effortlessly ties your room together, creating a cohesive and stylish ambiance. The high-tech material layer, combined with the TPR backing, guarantees durability, tear strength, and sustainability. Simply roll it up and toss it in the washing machine for easy cleaning, making it a hassle-free addition to your home. It’s a versatile and high-quality addition to your home decor, offering style, comfort, and convenience.

resare contemporary rug

RESARE Non-Slip Contemporary Area Rug

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The RESARE Non-Slip Contemporary Area Rug is a versatile and practical addition to any home decor. This foldable rug offers a convenient storage solution with a compact package. Whether you need to replace it for a new season, wash it, or simply want to change your home decor style, this rug makes the transition seamless.

Its durability, tear strength, and sustainability ensure it can handle regular foot traffic and pet-friendly households. It’s also easy to clean, as it is machine washable, enabling you to maintain it easily with regular sweeping or vacuuming. For washing, simply roll it up and toss it in the machine, with different size options requiring varying machine capacities. This thin area rug adds a touch of softness and warmth to your space with a handmade quality that provides a natural texture. The TPR backing keeps the rug securely in place, but a rug pad is recommended for added cushioning. Upon arrival, unfold the rug, lay it flat, and watch the creases disappear in just a few days. It combines practicality, durability, and style to enhance your home decor effortlessly. Its effortless maintenance and storage make it a convenient choice for elevating their living space.

resare oriental rug

RESARE Oriental Rug

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The RESARE Oriental Rug is a remarkable addition to any home, offering functionality and style. This decorative living room rug not only enhances the aesthetics of your space but also provides essential cushioning and warmth. It effectively muffles sounds, creating a quieter atmosphere, and instantly adds a cozy and inviting layer to your room. This ultra-soft area rug stands out from the rest in terms of comfort. It feels softer and warmer underfoot than rugs in a similar price range. Its unique surface is waterproof, making it a practical choice for homes with spills and accidents. This feature, combined with its wear-resistant and non-shedding properties, makes it an ideal rug for high-traffic areas, including the dining room, living room, bedroom, or office.

It’s easy to clean in a machine. It offers more cushioning than flatweave rugs while remaining easy to maintain. The fabric is fairly stain-resistant, and you can easily clean pesky pet footprints or cat claw marks. Regular vacuuming or using a carpet brush keeps it looking fresh. You can choose the perfect fit for your space with various size options available.

resare neutral rug

RESARE Modern Carpet Rug

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The RESARE Modern Carpet Rug is versatile in any home decor, offering style and functionality. This modern area rug enhances the aesthetic appeal of your living space and protects delicate wooden floors, making it a practical choice for any household. One of the standout features of this rug is its medium-height velvet surface, which adds a cozy warmth underfoot. Whether working, reading, dining, or playing games, this rug makes your area the perfect place to relax. Plus, it effectively reduces noise, creating a tranquil atmosphere.

Maintenance is a breeze with this rug. Its medium pile is easy to vacuum, quickly removing dirt and debris. Even more impressive is that it retains its quality after machine washing, making it a perfect choice for households with kids and pets. Plus, its non-slip TPR backing ensures exceptional stability, eliminating the necessity for an extra rug pad. It stays firmly in place on various flooring surfaces such as tile, marble, and wood. With multiple size options, you can easily choose the one that suits your living space. Place it in front of your sofa and chairs, and center your coffee table for a classic and inviting layout. Whether you have a compact or spacious living area, this carpet rug is a practical and stylish choice for your home.

RESARE Reviews from Customers

We synthesized consumer reviews to understand what other people have to say about the rug brand. One of their most popular products, their rug pad, has earned over 400 5-star reviews, citing an impressive grip that prevents slips, and adds a layer of security to the rug.

Here are some other comments from customers about RESARE’s products:

  • RESARE’s rug pads have earned acclaim for their exceptional grip, significantly reducing the risk of slips and enhancing safety in homes with various flooring types. This feature is highly valued by customers looking for stability in their living spaces.
  • People also appreciated the versatility and adaptability of RESARE’s rug pads, as you can easily tailor them to fit multiple rug sizes. This customizability is particularly praised by those who want a perfect fit for their unique spaces.
  • Pet owners find RESARE’s products to be a perfect addition to their homes, providing comfort for pets with joint issues, thereby reflecting the brand’s consideration for the well-being of all family members.
  • RESARE’s rug pads contribute to the luxurious feel of even the thinnest rugs, enhancing the overall tactile experience. The ability to upgrade the plushness of a simple rug is highlighted as a distinct advantage.
  • Customers praised RESARE rug pads for their practicality as they are easy to maintain and clean, which is especially important for high-traffic areas and busy households.
  • Customers have noted the absence of unpleasant odors often associated with new rug pads, pointing to RESARE’s commitment to product quality and customer health.
  • People admired the thickness and density of RESARE pads, with customers appreciating the substantial cushioning that doesn’t compromise the profile of their rugs.
  • Users commended the ease of modification. The simplicity of cutting the pads to size allows for a stress-free customization process.
  • Users praised RESARE’s products for comfort, such as in their ultra-soft rugs, with practicality, offering non-slip features that provide stability and ease of mind.
  • Customers praised the brand’s rug pads for their functionality, effectively preventing movement even in areas with high pet and human traffic, ensuring rugs stay firmly in place.
  • Customers frequently highlight the aesthetic appeal of RESARE’s soft rugs, noting their contribution to the ambiance of a room with their texture and color.
  • Users applauded the water-resistant quality of RESARE’s soft rugs for adding a practical layer of protection against spills, making clean-ups hassle-free, and preserving the rug’s appearance.
  • RESARE’s dedication to delivering products that retain their appeal and functionality over time is evident, with customers noting their rugs and pads’ durability and sustained attractiveness.
best resare products
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Where to Buy RESARE Products

You can buy RESARE’s products from its dedicated online store on Amazon. They do not offer products on other retailers or websites.

RESARE Shipping and Return Policy


You can buy RESARE’s products from the mentioned store, and please note that the store’s shipping policies will apply.

Return Policy

RESARE offers a satisfaction guarantee for its products bought from authorized sellers. If, for any reason, customers aren’t content with their RESARE product, they should get in touch with RESARE’s customer service team.

Common Questions About RESARE

Are all RESARE’s products durable and versatile?

The consensus across reviews is that RESARE’s products are durable and versatile. Customers have consistently reported that the rug pads withstand regular foot traffic and maintain their grip and cushioning over time, which speaks to their longevity. These pads serve multiple purposes, providing a non-slip surface and adding a layer of cushioning that can protect floors and extend the life of rugs. Their effectiveness on various flooring types, from hardwood to tile, further underscores their versatility, making them suitable for multiple home and office environments.

Are all RESARE’s rug pads easily washable?

RESARE’s rug pads are machine washable. You can also spot-clean with soap and water. Excessive washing can deteriorate the pad’s materials or reduce its non-slip properties, though. Routine maintenance like vacuuming and spot cleaning should suffice to keep these pads in good condition.

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