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If you’re prone to kitchen spills, a washable rug may be your answer

Kitchen spills are inevitable, especially for those of us with kids and pets. Things happen — plates slip, glasses wobble, or something is hot. We are all human beings and live on a gravity-rich planet. It’s only a matter of time before our mishaps make messes on our floors. Unfortunately, these messes often always involve the pieces of fabric and rubber that we toss onto our kitchen floors to add depth and visually-appealing décor to them — also called rugs.  

Equally as unfortunate, these rugs are usually the sponges that soak up any liquids that are placed — or dropped — onto them. The materials these rugs are made of will determine how easily they can be cleaned. Sadly, some of them will likely need to be tossed into the trashcan because they cannot be safely laundered without falling apart or destroying your washer and dryer. Wouldn’t life be so much easier if easily-washable rugs existed? That’s impossible, isn’t it? 

Halit Omer/Shutterstock

Not so impossible, after all. Thanks to modern technology, washable kitchen rugs are no longer a thing of the future. Read on to find out some of our favorite picks for the best kitchen rugs that are washable to add beauty and functionality to your kitchen. 

Joanna Gaines style 

When it comes to classic farmhouse style, there really isn’t anyone who’s a bigger authority on it than Joanna Gaines. She’s the queen of classic plaid, blacks and whites, and always adding a pop of green to her gorgeously-styled homes. It’s when focusing on her style that we discovered this beautiful, practical, and gloriously-washable buffalo plaid kitchen rug. Dolopl’s cotton and polyester blended rug is super absorbent, soaking up liquids quickly to save you a trip onto the floor. This sharp and classic buffalo plaid pattern is a chic and modern farmhouse style that will fit almost any décor. It will add a pop of style to any kitchen. 

Wrapped in luxury 

If comfort and function top your list of must-have rug features, then do we have some soft and supple items to share with you. Delxo has it going on with these super-soft chenille kitchen rugs. These mats are wonderfully absorbent, with an extra soft and plush texture that’s easy on bare feet. In addition to being extra soft and spill friendly, this set of two easy to clean rugs also washes beautifully. This allows shoppers to easily refresh their rugs without the worry of them falling apart. This rug set is available in multiple colors, sure to fit any interior design style. 

Ursula Page/Shutterstock

Shake it off 

If absorbent kitchen rugs aren’t your thing, and you want to keep from having to wash your rugs all the time, you may be looking for a product much like Kmat’s cushion anti-fatigue rug. This “rug” really isn’t a rug at all. It’s an air-infused memory foam mat that is printed with a modern pattern and available in several color options. This mat is blissfully waterproof, meaning it is a totally sealed system that can be thrown down for aesthetics and comfort without ever having to be laundered. This gel, no-slip mat won’t leave you skating across your kitchen floors. It holds you in place easily and cleans up with just a wet cloth should anything be spilled on it. This mat is also phthalate-, latex-, and odor-free. 

Affirmations for all 

When it comes to motivation, sometimes we just need to see a quote or saying to put us in the right frame of mind — even in the kitchen. I don’t know about you, but we sometimes need a little extra motivation to get things moving in our kitchens these days. It may seem silly, but sometimes all it takes is a few inspirational words while prepping for dinner or tossing together a quick lunch that reminds us why we do what we do for our families. And who’s to say that fun, function, and inspiration can’t live within one practical product? We give you these adorably-sweet kitchen mats by MIGAGA. From its affirmative saying to water-resistant material, this product will give aesthetically-pleasing vibes, positive reinforcement, and waterproof, practical use for every kitchen it blesses. 

Wrapping up 

If you have been pondering the idea of upgrading your rubber and polyester kitchen rug to something a bit more user friendly and washable, now’s the time to start shopping for your next kitchen rug. These products make fantastic additions to any kitchen, have color options or patterns sure to fit anyone’s style, and are super easy to clean. These products help make life in the kitchen that much easier. From waterproof to super absorbent, these cleanse-able rugs each have their own special way of dealing with liquids — it just all depends on which ones speak to you more and which features are the most important. From patterned to plain, colorful to muted, our list of upgraded kitchen rugs is sure to have an option to get the center of your family’s home looking sleek and stylish while applying its easy-to-clean functionality to your household.

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