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The best table covers to keep surfaces clean and pristine

You always want your table to make a great impression during a party or special dinner. These table covers have you covered — literally.

Table covers have come a long way, and today’s covers are made with quality materials that deliver a top performance. These covers can help to complete your table setting so you can enjoy dinner not worrying about spilled glasses and food stains. They can also help to keep your patio furniture looking great year-round. You invest a lot into your furniture and tablecloths — take a look at how these table covers can help protect that investment.

SOFINNI Plastic Tablecloth Protector

Best Plastic Cover

Sofinni’s Plastic Tablecloth Protector can be paired with your favorite fine linen tablecloth to deliver an extra layer of protection. This clear table cover won’t detract from your tablecloth’s style, while its heavy vinyl construction helps to prevent spills and stains. Durable double-stitched edges help to prolong its life. Cleaning is easy: Just wipe it clean with a sponge. It’s available in five rectangular sizes and one round size, perfect for a variety of tables.

ULTCOVER Patio Table Cover

Most Heavy Duty

The Ultcover Patio Table Cover makes protecting your patio furniture easy. This rugged cover is made from polyester canvas with a waterproof backing, serving as a barrier to rain, snow, leaves, bird droppings, and other elements that can dirty or damage your furniture. This cover for outdoor table and chair sets offers full coverage and features air vents on two sides to help prevent wind lofting. It secures with draw cords and plastic clips, so it will stay in place even during severe weather.

Maxmill Jacquard Tablecloth

Best Wrinkle Free

Thanks to the Maxmill Jacquard Tablecloth’s wrinkle-resistant material, you’ll save time on ironing and be able to enjoy visiting with your guests instead. Heavyweight polyester jacquard fabric is smooth and looks great on any table. The fabric is spill-proof and wrinkle resistant, requiring minimal cleaning and ironing. This tablecloth will add an elegant touch to any table, and with 12 beautiful colors to choose from, you can get that exact look that matches your home’s decor.

A quality table cover doesn’t just make your table look great, but can protect your furniture and delicate tablecloths, too. These table covers deliver excellent value and performance, helping to make your life easier. With less cleaning and less furniture maintenance, you’ll have more time to do the things you enjoy, like visiting with guests or relaxing during a dinner with your family.

Before you refinish your dining room table, consider painting it instead
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It’s a design dream. You strip your kitchen or dining table down to reveal the gorgeous wood grain underneath layers of grime and refinish it to restore it to its former glory. So your excitement rises and your creativity peaks - and you go on and pursue those centerpiece inspirations for your table. But hold on just a second. Not all kitchen tables are made of wood that’s designed to be shown off.

Before you decide to refinish your kitchen table, know that unless you purchased that table from a craftsman woodworker, you’ll more than likely be disappointed in the result. Refinishing a table requires so much work, but you can paint your table instead for a fresh look that highlights its design. Here’s what you need to know.

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Maintain your HVAC system in perfect condition by covering the exterior components and protecting them from the elements. Keep dust, humidity, and pest infestations out of your installation. We have researched the market and have put together a selection of only the very best options for you.
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