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The best pool vacuums for above-ground pools to keep your water debris-free

The best way a vacuum can clean an above-ground pool is in a hassle-free fashion. There are vacuums available that are designed to clean the entire pool floor of such a pool automatically. There also are models that can target tiny debris or clean it without damaging your pool. These leading vacuums for above-ground pools are among those easy-to-use and effective options.

To effectively clean an entire above-ground pool, a vacuum needs to run between two and six hours to cover the bottom and sides. But if vacuuming is performed more regularly — such as every week — it can take less time to complete a cleaning. These well-performing and dependable vacuums for above-ground pools can keep your pool clean regularly.

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AIPER Scuba SE Robotic Pool Vacuum

Best Overall

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Experience effortless pool maintenance with the AIPER Scuba SE Robotic Pool Vacuum. You can consider this pool vacuum your ultimate companion when maintaining crystal-clear water in your pool. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, this pool vacuum is a sleek and powerful device that can revolutionize the way you clean your pool. It features advanced navigation algorithms, allowing it to intelligently map out the layout of your pool. You can rest assured that this pool vacuum will reach every nook and cranny of your pool as it navigates floors, walls, and waterlines with precision. Its high-capacity filtration system, plug-and-play functionality, and hassle-free set-up process make it our top choice.


Poolmaster Big Sucker Pool Vacuum

Best for Small Debris

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Are teeny-tiny sediment particles difficult to remove from the floor of your above-ground pool? Then consider getting the Poolmaster Big Sucker Pool Vacuum, which is very effective at removing small debris. It features a jet vacuum designed to easily pick up small debris, yet also is effective at removing large leaves, dirt, and debris. The vacuum has a large, 15-inch diameter, sports a handle made of durable ABS, and includes one reusable all-purpose leaf bag.

Milliard Pool and Spa Vacuum Head

Best Soft Bristles

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If you’re concerned about a vacuum possibly damaging your above-ground pool, then consider the Milliard Pool and Spa Vacuum Head. A top option with soft bristles, it offers polypropylene bristles designed to be firmer than nylon but softer than steel, providing a better balance to clean all types of pool surfaces. The vacuum’s port fits standard 1.25- and 1.5-inch vacuum hoses and its handle has spring-loaded locking clips.

Hayward Wanda the Whale Vacuum

Best Automatic

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If you want to just turn on a pool vacuum and sit back while it works, try the Hayward Wanda the Whale Vacuum. A top automatic model, it’s designed to move along the main drain and pull water from the bottom of a pool as it operates. The water then circulates, and the pool remains cleaner without overusing chemical sanitizers. Called “Wanda the Whale,” the vacuum can operate quietly and gently across a pool bottom.

Keep your above-ground pool looking spic and span with an effective and dependable vacuum. That well describes these leading models, which are all about keeping out dirt and debris.

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