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Stumped for date night activities? Stream these 4 romantic movies

If you need a romantic date night activity, why not go the classic route and peruse some stunning romance movies with your partner? Romance movies are quirky, fun, and filled with love, making them a fantastic choice for a night in with your significant other. If you’re stumped on what to watch, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Here are some great movie recommendations that you can stream from your living room to create a memorable and cozy date night.

Recommended Videos

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

This quirky chick-flick is a favorite for many Netflix viewers. The story follows the protagonist, Lara Jean, a sixteen-year-old girl who is attempting to navigate the world of frenemies and romance. Hooked on the idea of love, she keeps love-letters that she has written in a little hatbox for safekeeping. There are five letters in total, one for every boy she’s ever loved. One day she discovers that her letters have been mailed to these boys, years after being written, and Lara Jean quickly finds herself caught up in an elaborate scheme to save herself from embarrassment.

The movie is fun and sweet, filled with laughs and puppy love. If you’re looking for a soft and wholesome movie with your partner, this is one of the best romantic movies on Netflix. Additionally, if you’re in the mood to binge a few movies, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is the first installment of the trilogy.

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things is considered a science-fiction, romantic comedy-drama on Amazon. The 2021 movie depicts Mark, a teen contentedly living in a time loop where every day replays as it did the day before. Soon, he meets a mysterious girl named Margaret, who is also living in the time loop, and the two develop a budding romance.

The movie pokes fun with Groundhog Day jokes, highlights teen thrills, and showcases a comedic romance with a young couple who must determine what it means to “truly live.” For couples who want a goofy, sci-fi flick, this is a movie you must see!


Based on a true story, this Disney+ film offers the bittersweet tale of a young man striving towards his dreams of being a musician while battling a terminal illness. The movie tells the story of Zach Sobiech, who, in his last few months to live, creates a viral song “Clouds” and pursues his dreams of musical stardom. The movie is sure to hit you in the feels as you watch the young protagonist pursue his passion, love, and life while living with cancer.

This movie has been considered one of the more “mature” romantic movies on Disney+. Thankfully, Zach’s character has a positive outlook on many things, making the movie a bittersweet tale.


Premature is an American romantic drama that you can find on Hulu. The plot follows Ayanna, a young woman in Harlem, who lives out her final months at home before heading off to college. During the summer, a romance blooms between her and a mysterious music producer named Isaiah. As the summer goes by, the two deepen their love for one another. Unfortunately, things take a turn as Ayanna begins to experience the harsh realities of the adult world. This dramatic and passionate romance movie is excellent for couples who want a wild ride. Filled with laughs, tears, frustration, and upheaval, this film is a spectacle to view.

No matter what sort of romance movie you prefer, there are plenty of beautiful and artistically told masterpieces to watch. Whether you want drama or lighthearted tales in love, streaming romantic films from the comfort of your couch is an ideal choice for a cozy date night with your partner.

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