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20 handy household products we regret not buying sooner

We’ve all heard of buyer’s remorse. That’s when you buy something and end up regretting your purchase. But, what’s the opposite of buyer’s remorse? We think you’ll find it on our list of 20 handy household products we should have bought sooner but didn’t. Things for your home, pets, and beauty routine make everyday chores easier and everyday life better.

Plus, because everything is from Amazon, you have the benefit of countless customer ratings and reviews to help make your shopping decision easier. Check out our list of 20 of the best household items to buy so that you won’t fall victim to ‘buyer’s regret.’

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Best household items to buy

This liner keeps your oven floor sparkling and looking new!

Non-Stick Oven Liner

Burnt-on spills and messy crumbs are a thing of the past when you slip this liner underneath the heating coils in your oven. No problem if it gets dirty, the nonslip surface wipes clean with a cloth, and it’s heat resistant up to 500°F. Designed to work in nearly any oven; plus, you can even use it directly on your backyard grill for cooking shrimp and veggies without food falling through the grate!

Say goodbye to stinky kitchen sponges and wasteful paper towels!

Swedish Eco-Friendly Dishcloths

Odor-resistant, ventilated cellulose dishcloths are soft when wet but gritty and strong enough to tackle your kitchen’s toughest scrubbing messes. You can use each one up to 50 times—just toss them in the washer or in the top rack of your dishwasher (try that with those wasteful paper towels).

One of the thousands of Amazon 5-star reviewers wrote: “I have soaked them in bleach, thrown them in the washer, and they come out great every time. I’ve used the same two for a month now, and they still look great. When they go downhill, I can compost them.”

An instant table that clips directly to your couch armrest!

Armrest Clip-On Table

Talk about convenience, this instant side table clips onto your recliner or sofa, giving you a stable place to keep drinks, snacks, cell phones, and remotes. Made from eco-friendly rubber wood, it secures in seconds with zero tools needed!

This flat outlet cover is connected to a power strip

Sleek Socket Ultra-Thin Power Strip

This power strip is up to 90 percent thinner than traditional plugs and cords, so you can move furniture flush against the wall without bulky cords and plugs getting in the way. It includes an adhesive cord management kit to neatly and firmly secure the cord to the wall. Designed to blend into your outlet plate, so it’s barely noticeable.

Keeps fridge fresh and deodorized for up to six months

NonScents Refrigerator and Freezer Deodorizer

A stinky fridge is not just unpleasant for your nose; smells can also permeate food and change its taste. Baking soda freshens your fridge for weeks, but this innovative deodorizer works for a full six months! Non-toxic and food-safe, it eliminates odors within a few hours. Compact and leak-proof so you can put it anywhere in your fridge. Get one for the fridge and a second one just for the freezer!

Look your best during those endless Zoom calls 

Ring Light with Tripod

Some ring lights clip to your phone; this one holds your phone in its tripod mount during video calls. Includes a Bluetooth remote that lets you activate your camera shutter from a distance, with a choice of three light colors: Warm, cool white, or daylight, so you can select the most flattering light for you.

Transparent pouches keep your cellphone safe from water catastrophes

Waterproof Phone Pouch

Water and smartphones don’t mix, so when you’re heading to the pool or beach, slip your phone into one of these waterproof pouches to keep it safe and dry. It is sized to fit any smartphone, with extra space for credit cards, a car key, or money inside. A transparent window is compatible with touchscreens, and it comes as a two-pack set—one for you, one for a friend.

More than 15,000 5-star reviews on Amazon, all praising how waterproof this phone pouch really is. There were countless vacation stories, including some from people who dropped their phone while snorkeling, only to retrieve it from the sandy bottom of the ocean, still 100 percent dry! 

Not drinking enough water? This smart bottle will remind you!

3-in-1 Smart Stainless Steel Water Bottle

You’ve heard of smart plugs and smart lightbulbs; now it’s time for a smart water bottle. This leak-proof, double insulated stainless steel bottle reminds you to take a sip by glowing once an hour, so you’ll increase your daily water consumption without even realizing it. There’s even a water-resistant Bluetooth speaker built into the bottom so that you can listen to your tunes on the go.

Lightweight campfire you can take with you!

Portable Campfire

Forget lugging bundles of wood and kindling; this portable campfire weighs just four pounds yet burns up to five hours without dangerous embers. Made from recycled soy wax, so you can feel good that you’re not negatively impacting the environment.

Heated coaster keeps your coffee toasty all morning

Smart Beverage Warmer

Like to sip your morning coffee but hate when it gets too cool? This heated coaster keeps coffee consistently warm for hours, so you can take your time drinking it. Temperature adjusts to match how hot you like your beverages, and it automatically shuts off after eight hours (in case you forget).

According to one Amazon customer: “It’s ‘stylish and functional and keeps the coffee warm all day long.” Others were impressed with the automatic shut-off feature, so there is no need to worry if you forget to turn it off.

Flameless lighter is rechargeable and won’t blow out in the wind!

Electric Arc Lighter

Trying to light a fire, grill, or candle outdoors? It can be challenging, to say the least. This windproof flameless lighter gets the job done, and it even recharges via USB. A flexible nozzle makes ignition easy in tight spots, and you can use it more than 500 times when fully charged. Best of all, the handy LED display clearly alerts you how much power is left.

You can use this pet hair remover again and again

Double-Sided Pet Hair Remover

Sticky sheet pet hair removers get tossed in the garbage after a single use, but this multi-use design utilizes thousands of tiny bristles to pull hair, dust, and dirt from furniture, carpets, clothing, and more. When the bristles are full, you simply dip them into the self-cleaning holster to strip it clean.

Slim design leather wallet helps protect you from identity theft

RFID Blocking Wallet

Thieves can use electronic signaling devices to steal credit card numbers, expiration dates, identifiable details, and more without ever reaching into your bag. This hi-tech wallet helps block incoming RFID signals to keep your sensitive information safe. And, unlike most RFID-blocking wallets that are bulky and difficult to carry when traveling, this one is sleek and made for the modern traveler.

Best personal care items to buy!

Deep hair conditioning, plus a touch of vibrant color!

Keracolor Clenditioner Hair Dye

Color, cleanse, and condition all at once! This non-lather conditioning cleanser instantly infuses color into your hair with every wash. Add stunning hues, maintain vibrancy, and kick up your color between salon visits. You can choose from 18 different colors from pretty light pink to golden honey. Results last between 10-15 shampoos.

Spray away roots between colorings!

Root Touch-Up Spray

Roots showing, and you can’t get to the salon? This spray-on temporary hair color comes in seven different shades, so there’s bound to be one that matches your hair. The results last for days, giving you ample time to get to your hairdresser or tackle the roots yourself.

Liquid callus remover is the next best thing to a professional pedicure

Callus Remover

Remove years of calluses and achieve sandal-ready feet in just minutes! Give yourself an at-home pedicure that rivals the professionals and save money, too! Simply soak your feet in warm water, apply the liquid callus remover directly to rough skin, and gently rub off—no tools required.

Banish dry, chapped lips for good!

Exfoliating Lip Brushes

These double-sided silicone lip brushes have an exfoliating side for scrubbing away dry, chapped skin and a massaging side to help plump lips, so all you’re left with is a kissably smooth pout. Suitable for most skin types, they come in an 18-brush multi-pack, so you can leave some home and take others with you when you’re on the go!

These moisturizing gloves are loaded with skin-plumping collagen!

Moisturizing Gloves

Loaded with skin-plumping collagen, these moisturizing gloves have a hydrating solution that penetrates deep into your skin in about 20 minutes, leaving you with softer, more youthful-looking hands.

With all of the handwashing we’ve been doing this past year, customers really love how pampered and moisturized these gloves made their hands feel. One said, “The additional hand washing and sanitizer have caused a lot of dryness and cracking for some of my friends, but that hasn’t been the case for me.”

Painlessly remove unwanted hair—at home or on the go

Finishing Touch Painless Hair Remover

Eliminate facial hair or unwanted peach fuzz, in seconds, without any pain! Hypoallergenic blades are suitable for most skin types, and the lipstick-sized rose gold case is discreet enough to take with you for travel or midday touchups.

21,000 Amazon reviewers can’t be wrong! 

Dual Sided Shower Brush

This is quite possibly the best body brush available today. There’s an extra-long handle that makes it easy to get to all of those hard-to-reach places, and with two different brush head sides—soft and stiff—it’s an awesome exfoliator.

Customers love the dual-sided feature, saying that it’s the perfect combination of soft and stiff bristles for whatever the day brings! They also rave about the non-slip grip of the handle, which is easy to hold even when it’s wet and soapy. They also love the convenient hanger for storing when not in use.

Don’t wait another minute—these handy products from Amazon will make your life easier, safer, better, and prettier. Still not convinced? Read the reviewers’ comments on Amazon for hundreds, or even thousands, of unbiased shopper’s opinions.  

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