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best succulents indoor house plants succulent planters on table  1

The best succulents for low-maintenance home greenery

From teacups to wooden boxes and clear vases, succulents can adorn any container and create a comfy nook anywhere in your home. Use them in combination with rocks, sand or candles to give as party favors or special gifts to your loved ones. There are over 100 varieties of mini succulents to inspire your home decor.
best cube storage bins units organizer modular 3

The best cube storage for extremely versatile modular organization

It’s no secret that cube storage is one of the best ways to organize your home. The discreet and stylish extra space that these cubes provide is super handy, while their geometrical design help them blend with almost all types of decor. Reclaim living space in your apartment with our carefully selected suggestions.
inspiring entryway ideas good first impression home property interiors

5 inspiring entryway ideas that make a good first impression

Spend a little time on your entryway to make a great first impression on anyone who steps into your abode. Play around with the space, adding benches, moving around antiques and modern artwork, tossing down different kinds of rugs, even adding small tables, plants, a couple of chairs with pretty pillows, or maybe even other types of seating.