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healthy sweet potato recipes preparing for bbq

10 appetizing recipes that make sweet potatoes a healthy part of your meal

There are plenty of ways to eat sweet potatoes that don't include a marshmallow topping. Try these healthy recipes.
built in closet with drawings and hanging white tshirts

How to maximize closet space: Our 9 best tips and tricks

Is your closet overstuffed, disorganized, and overcluttered? Here's how to organize your closet to maximize your space.
Living room with multiple types of lighting

8 enchanting living room lighting ideas to brighten any home

Consider these fantastic living room lighting ideas that work in any space.
mediterranean diet recipes woman making healthy salad

The Mediterranean diet actually works — try these tasty recipes and see

Trying the Mediterranean diet? Try these healthy recipes that will keep you on track.
House with porch and a for sale sign

Change is here: Why all buyers and sellers need to be wary of the housing market

For so long, the housing market has been a seller’s market. The tides are starting to shift — but how will buyers and sellers be affected?
how to clean a smelly dishwasher shutterstock 1673974375

Smelly dishwasher problems solved: How to get a fresh, clean kitchen

Don't let a smelly dishwasher ruin your kitchen. This is how to clean it properly.
amazon oral b electric toothbrush deal prime day 2022 held in hand

Our favorite electric toothbrush is $60 off for Prime Day

Are you bored with the routine of brushing your teeth each day? This Oral-B Electric Toothbrush Prime Day deal will make brushing way more fun.
Man using Shark cordless vacuum

Prime Day deals: Why you need the Shark cordless vacuum for easy house cleaning

This affordable alternative to a Dyson cordless vacuum had dropped down to $200 at Best Buy.
Desk lamp next to bed with gray and purple bedding

Save on smart light bulbs: Get 2 for $10 on Prime Day

Save money and light up your home for less with this smart light bulb Prime Day deal giving you two smart light bulbs for $10.
White Instant Pot Solo Coffee Maker with red coffee mug

This amazing Instant Pot coffee maker is almost half off for Prime Day 2022

Buying this Instant Pot Solo Prime Day deal will ensure you get a delicious cup of coffee just how you like it every day.
Person walking by Shark IQ self emptying robot vacuum on docking station

Prime Day deal alert: Save 56% on Shark’s self-emptying robot vacuum

This Shark robot vacuum Prime Day deal from Walmart will let you enjoy the convenience of a self-emptying feature for just $265, following a $334 discount.
Chef using KitchenAid Stand Mixer to make heart-shaped cookies

Prime Day: Save $60 on the beloved KitchenAid Stand Mixer

Right now, Walmart is offering an incredible KitchenAid Mixer Prime Day deal and you can save $60.
evening with string lights on patio

Year-round lighting: The best all-weather outdoor string lights we’ve seen yet

The warm glow of all-weather outdoor string lights creates a charming mood. Create a relaxing haven in your own home for all seasons.
how to make veggie fajitas grilled portobello  asparagus bell peppers green beans poblano mushroom tacos with jalapeno cilant

5 simple ways to make veggie fajitas even tastier

Use these tips and tricks to make the most delicious veggie fajitas.
kaleidoscope roses grow rainbow bouquet closeup

What are kaleidoscope roses and can you grow them in your yard?

Kaleidoscope roses are beautiful and 100 percent real. Check out how you can create these one-of-a-kind beauties at home in just a few simple steps.
outdoor light timer benefits a tiny house with large glass windows  sits in the backyard at night surrounded by trees and par

4 outstanding benefits of setting up outdoor light timers

Thinking about getting outdoor light timers? This is why you need them.
how to clean laminate floors shutterstock 1477334129

How to clean laminate floors: The do’s and don’ts to help them last forever

This is how to clean laminate floors the right way, so you can have a gleaming, gorgeous home.
costco deli comfort meals homemade ground beef meatloaf with ketchup and spices

These incredible Costco deli meals will make your dinner prep so much easier

These delicious Costco comfort meals are the perfect pick for those exhausting nights when you just don't feel like cooking.
mediterranean diet recipes foods veggies

Stock your fridge and pantry: The only Mediterranean diet food list you need

The Mediterranean diet is a healthy way to eat, and with this Mediterranean diet food list, you'll always have something delicious to eat.
Coffee in glass cup with bowls of butter and MCT oil nearby

Bulletproof coffee: The benefits and drawbacks of this morning trend

Bulletproof coffee is becoming a popular drink, with many benefits and potential downsides. We list its advantages and disadvantages
Friends making a toast to celebrate 4th of July holiday

Make your 4th of July party stellar with these 9 amazing tips

We've rounded up our top tips and 4th of July party ideas that will make your Independence Day gathering one to remember.
Parent and child doing laundry

Yes, you do need to separate your laundry — these 5 steps make it easier

Our laundry guide will keep your clothes looking bright and new. This is what you need to know about sorting and separating your laundry.
Contemporary living room with furniture, shelves, and large TV

What to consider before you start a DIY entertainment center project

Entertainment centers can be a multipurpose addition to your home. Our guide will help custom-build the right one for you.
healthy salad recipes pasta feta cheese

Class up your backyard barbecue with this one simple addition

Mediterranean pasta salad is the light, delicious addition that will elevate any outdoor get-together.
Costco card and receipt

What your Costco receipt color really means (and other questions answered)

There are many questions about Costco receipts: What do the different colors mean? Do you need them for returns? And just why does Costco check receipts?
healthy pork chop recipes chops cooking on outdoor patio grill with smoke and flames photo series

You can make these healthy, delicious pork chop recipes in just 30 minutes

Get delicious, savory pork chops in 30 minutes with these outstanding recipes.
how to clean baseboards shutterstock 1082672294

How to clean baseboards: The easiest method ever for this super annoying task

Dirty, dusty baseboards ruin the look of any room. Here's the easiest and most effective way to clean these hard to reach spots.
professional chef using carbon steel pan

Why carbon steel pans are the only ones experienced cooks reach for

Carbon steel pans are recommended by the pros for a reason. Here's how a carbon steel pan can upgrade your cooking experience.
how to program garage door opener shutterstock 233751871

Homeownership 101: How to program your garage door opener

A garage door opener is a convenience most homeowners love. This is how to program yours.
how to build a wooden clothing rack shutterstock 1920399971

DIY more closet space today: How to build a wooden clothing rack

This is how to build a wooden clothing rack and instantly double your available closet space.
how to cook beef cheek meat cheeks with mashed potatoes

Beef cheek meat: The super cheap thing you’re not buying that will elevate your dinner game (really!)

Avoid tough meat — this is how to cook beef cheek meat so they're tender and tasty.
Small white kitchen with large windows

7 super inventive ways to organize a small kitchen we learned on TikTok

We love these cool ways to organize a small kitchen, and you will, too.
Lucky bamboo plant on a wooden table

Can you grow bamboo from seeds? Yes — if you follow this handy guide

Want to grow a bamboo plant from scratch? We discuss how to grow bamboo seeds into flourishing plants with the right care and conditions.
Basement home office.

7 best basement office ideas so you don’t feel like you’re working in a dungeon

Need to set up a home office? Check out these basement office ideas, and you'll forget you're in a basement while increasing productivity.
the best omelette makers for electric stovetop or microwave breakfasts maker

Start the morning off right with these 9 Mediterranean diet breakfasts

Tasty and good for you, you'll want to savor these Mediterranean diet breakfasts every meal of the day.
traditional sideboard

What is a sideboard table and can it work in my home?

Wondering what a sideboard table is? A sideboard table may seem old-fashioned, but it might be the best decor choice you can make.
buying a home stress leads to tears stressed woman

50% of people cry at least once when buying a home, survey finds: Tips to reduce your stress

New research from Zillow confirms that half of Americans cry at least once during the process of buying a home.
carbon steel vs cast iron pans

Carbon steel vs. cast iron frying pans: Which cookware is better?

When it comes to the debate between carbon steel vs cast iron, which pan should you invest in for your kitchen? We've got the answer.
why house prices are so high sold with family

Working from home is why house prices are so insane right now: Study

New research indicates that the reason house prices have skyrocketed has nothing to do with the market, but the way we live our lives. Find out more.
Family pretending to sing with cleaning equipment

5 secret house cleaning tips to get the lazy people you live with to help

Do you live with someone who never cleans? These house cleaning tips will help get everyone involved in chores.
professional organizing help girl boxes jpg

These professional organizer tips and tricks can help any homeowner keep chaos at bay

Follow these professional organizer tips and tricks to organize your space -- and keep it that way.
Person cleaning a mirror

How to clean mirrors for a streak-free shine

Looking to get rid of streaks on your mirrors? Our guide shows how to clean mirrors perfectly using a variety of different materials.  
close up of a fruit fly

5 easy ways to kill fruit flies before they take over your kitchen

It's summer. It's hot, humid, and fruit flies are everywhere. Here's how to keep them out of your kitchen.
how to spring clean in eight hours or less de

Here’s how to spring-clean your entire house in just 8 hours

Overwhelmed by spring cleaning? This is how to spring clean your house in 8 hours or less using tips from experts and super clean sources.
are you dusting your house enough

It’s official: We’re not dusting our houses nearly enough

Dyson’s 2022 Global Dust Study investigated global cleaning habits. Here’s what you need to know — as well as some advice on how to eliminate dust.
how to take care of a rooftop garden woman watering her

A rooftop garden is the summer oasis you need: Your ultimate care guide

Rooftop gardens can be attractive, healing, tranquil spots. This is what you need to know before you start one.
affordable kitchen cabinets replace woman painting

5 amazing ways to replace kitchen cabinets on a tight budget

Here's how you can go about replacing kitchen cabinets on a tight budget. You'll love these affordable kitchen design ideas.
Person grocery shopping with a Costco membership

5 things you should always buy at Costco (and 4 you really shouldn’t)

Wondering what to buy at Costco? These are some of the best deals — and some of the worst.
White bed and mattress

Looking for the best affordable mattress? Sleep experts weigh in

What's the best affordable mattress? Sleep experts reveal what to look for.
Costco store exterior shot

Supply shortages are messing with this Costco favorite

Unfortunately, there have been some changes to the Costco mac and cheese — here’s what you need to know.