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The best curio cabinets for displaying your collection

Many of your antiques, collectibles, and glassware are beautiful, so why not display them properly in something that’s equally as attractive? Curio cabinets typically are made of eye-catching wood and glass with a light that shines throughout the handsome piece of furniture. Tap into that beauty and proudly display your collectibles by purchasing one of these attention-grabbing curio cabinets, glass curio cabinets, or corner curio cabinets.

Deriving their name from the “cabinets of curiosity” of yesteryear, curio cabinets are tall and slim pieces of furniture that feature a lot of glass and lights for display purposes. Glass panels along the sides and front of the cabinets make it easier for your collectibles to be seen. If you’re up for aiming a spotlight on your favorite tchotchkes, consider getting one of these well-made curio cabinets, glass curio cabinets, or corner curio cabinets.

Five-Shelf Glass Curio Cabinet

Best Overall

Desire one of the best curio cabinets around? Then get the Five-Shelf Glass Curio Cabinet from Coaster Home Furnishings. It’s a top choice because of its black and clear colors, pine and paper veneer, and loads of glass. Each of the four glass shelves weighs 28.6 pounds and the bottom shelf weighs 44 pounds.

Challenge Coin Display Cabinet

Best for Coins

Perhaps it’s taken you a long time to build up your coin collection. So, now is the time to display your hard work with the Challenge Coin Display Cabinet. A top curio cabinet for coins, it can protect, organize, display, and store up to 56 coins. It features a glass door instead of acrylic/plexiglass, which can be more easily scratched and deteriorate over time. The door latches for increased security.

Atlantic Windowpane Adjustable Media Cabinet

Best for CDs

Music fans with a lot of CDs who wish to display them should consider the Atlantic Windowpane Adjustable Media Cabinet. A top cabinet choice for CDs, it can hold up to 576 of the music discs, 216 Blu-Rays or 192 DVDs. Measuring 49 inches by 32 inches by 9.5 inches, it features many adjustable shelves and sports an attractive espresso color.

You’ve put a lot of time and effort into building a collection of antiques, coins, or other items. So put some effort into properly displaying them by grabbing one of these leading, high-end curio cabinets.

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