The best chaise lounge covers for indoor or outdoor use

At the end of a fun vacation, you want to ensure that your furniture stays in good condition for the next time you come to your summer spot. Even if your furniture is indoors, a living room chaise lounge cover will make sure that dust and undesirable pests stay away from your furniture. An indoor chaise lounge cover can also help with initial maintenance when you come back, so you can get to relaxing right away.

A covered chaise lounge is a safe chaise lounge. These covers for chaise lounges help maintain your furniture without having to worry too much about upkeep. They keep away the wind and the rain, so the wood will not rot. Covers also prevent UV rays from weathering your chaise lounge and fading your cushions.

Duck Covers Waterproof Chaise Cover

Best With UV Protection

For outdoor chaise covers, you cannot go wrong with the Duck Covers Waterproof Chaise Cover. The cover has UV stability woven into the construction that reduces the fading of your chaise. The cover is secured through a combination of side-release buckles on nylon straps and shock cord locks. The seam sealer tape ensures that no water gets through at all.

Ultcover Waterproof Lounge Chair Cover

Best Breathable Cover

If you get worried about your furniture getting musty and gathering odors underneath the cover, the Ultcover Waterproof Lounge Chair Cover lets your chaise breathe while being stored away. The cover has structured air vents on two sides that prevent wind lofting and lets your chairs breathe.

Classic Accessories Ravenna Water-Resistant 78-Inch Patio Day Chaise Lounge Cover

Best Waterproof Cover

For those chaise lounges that are poolside or lakeside, the Classic Accessories Ravenna Chaise Lounge Cover is a water-resistant cover that makes high-moisture environments no-worry zones. The waterproof backing keeps the chaise dry, while the elastic hem cords keep a snug fit beneath the furniture. The heavy-duty cover is made of a woven polyester fabric that stays flush against your chaise lounge.

Keep your chaise lounge looking brand new with these invaluable chaise lounge covers. You can keep your furniture at the same high-quality as when you bought them, and save time and money on repairs or replacements. Your furniture deserves the best, and you deserve the best way to relax.