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Should you feng shui your kitchen?

When you think of feng shui, you probably think of it being used in a home office, living room, or bedroom. This ancient philosophy has been practiced for thousands of years and is said to bring harmony and balance. Since the kitchen is the central hub of many homes, it only makes sense to bring it into that space as well. After all, it is where people congregate and prepare meals to nourish the people they love. Here, we explore feng shui and find ways to bring it into your kitchen.

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What is feng shui?

Originating in China, feng shui is the practice of arranging living spaces to harmonize them to create balance with the natural world. The word feng means wind, and shui means water, and the concept came from a poem about human life being connected and flowing with the environment all around. In design, this translates into having objects in the optimal location to allow energy to flow throughout the home and improve your life’s overall quality. With that in mind, it makes sense that the heart of the home could benefit from following the principles of this timeless tradition. Who doesn’t want to feel more balanced and content?

Start with a clean space

A messy kitchen creates negative energy and can impact both your physical and mental health. To have good feng shui, you need to start with a clean, decluttered space. Throw away any broken or chipped items, which are said to symbolize bad luck. Then, deep clean appliances, cabinets, counters, and floors with non-toxic cleaners. Make sure your space is thoughtfully organized. Invest in items such as drawer organizers and storage boxes to maintain a clutter-free space.

Assess the basics

It is best if your kitchen has an abundance of natural light, but good artificial lighting is important, too. You will want to have layers of light—sunlight, overhead, task, and ambient. This will make it an efficient space to work in and add to the energy. Just make sure not to use harsh fluorescent bulbs, instead opt for ones that produce a warm, soft glow.

In a feng shui kitchen, negative space is bad chi, so ideally, your cabinets should go all the way to the ceilings. If that is impossible, fill the space with plants or decorative items. Another source of bad chi—items hanging over your head, so make sure pots and pans are stored away. Also, keep knives and trash cans out of sight. What are some ways to let the energy flow with good chi instead? Glass in cabinet doors, use metal elements in the design like stainless steel, and add touches of wood.

Know your colors

Color plays an important role in how a space makes you feel. In feng shui, each color signifies something. White stands for cleanliness and purity. Warm neutrals such as khaki, oatmeal, and beige bring stability and comfort. An earthy green brings nature into the space and is said to promote digestion. A soft, soothing yellow is uplifting and promotes socialization. Colors to avoid are red, which competes with the fire element (aka the stove), and blue, which represents water, and for obvious reasons, should be kept away from the all-important fire.

kitchen with large stove
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The stove and the door

Since the stove represents the elements of fire and nourishment, it’s an important element in the feng shui kitchen. Ideally, it should be located in a commanding position. What does that mean? You are in command when you have a sightline to the door, so while you are at the stove, you should be able to see it. If this is not the case in your kitchen, try adding a mirror that reflects the door. Why is this important? The door represents control and being able to see opportunities coming your way. Having it within your view will ensure nothing passes you by.

Bigger is better

While we are on the subject of the stove, this is one place where bigger is better. And by that, we mean burners. Essentially the more burners your stove has, the more opportunity it represents. Greater opportunities equal a greater chance of prosperity and wealth. When stove shopping, you will want to look for one with the most burners your budget can afford.

Using this ancient Chinese philosophy in your modern kitchen design brings a peaceful and inviting feeling into your kitchen. The result will be a space that not only you will feel good in it but so will your guests.

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