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4 kitchen appliances you deserve to splurge on this month

If you’ve got a little extra money in your bank account this month, why not splurge on a little something for the heart of your home, the kitchen. If you’re like most, you’ve been spending a lot of time in the kitchen this past year, and perhaps you’ve now fallen in love (or at least strong like) with cooking. If so, you know just how important certain kitchen items are to have on hand when you need them. It’s also a place where splurging is easy—and if you recently deposited your stimulus check, perhaps now is the time.

Here are a few favorites we highly recommend.

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Staub dutch oven

Everyone kitchen needs a dutch oven. They are the best at cooking soups, stews, searing meat, and keeping flavors locked in while the food simmers away. This Staub 4-quart dutch oven is one of our top kitchen buys for 2021, and it’s as sexy as it is highly rated. This one is on Amazon in matte black for $249. Unfortunately, it’s not eligible for Prime shipping, but it’s well worth the investment.

Breville Air Fryer

If you’re investing in smart kitchen appliances, might we recommend this air fryer from Breville? The Element iQ® system sets the ideal cooking time and temperature for “baking, toasting, pizza, cookies, slow cooking, and more.”
There are 11 preset functions, including toast, bagel, bake, roast, broil, pizza, cookies, reheat, warm, air-fry, and slow cook. If you’ve never air-fried food before, you will be hooked after the first time. You can find it at William Sonoma for $300.

Z Grills wood pellet grill & smoker

This smoker/grill combo comes with digital temperature control, so you can put in whatever is on the menu for dinner and forget about it. Just turn it on, set the temperature, and that’s it. It includes meat probes with digital temperature readout on a large LCD so that you can keep track of the food temperature. The hopper holds up to 24 lbs of pellets, so you have a longer time between refills. This one comes in several colors—the bronze is on Amazon right now for $599.

Perfect Drink smart scale

At-home bartenders and mixologists will love investing in this smart drink scale that delivers perfect cocktails every time. The Perfect Drink PRO works with iPhones, iPads, Android phones, and Android tablets. Simply choose one of 400+ recipes included in the app, place a glass or shaker on the scale, and pour each ingredient while the virtual glass fills up on the app in real-time—no measuring required. How’s that for a perfect Friday night? You can find it on Amazon for $197.

All of these items are perfect ways to splurge on yourself. After the past year, it’s time we give ourselves a gift, and what better way to indulge than in the kitchen? Not only will you feel more like a true chef, but you’ll also be able to dazzle friends and family with your new skills. We’re sure that stimulus check is already burning a hole in your pocket, so why not buy yourself something you’ll use every day? Happy shopping!

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