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The 3 best kitchen timers to level your cooking game way up

Whether you’re a newbie in the kitchen or a seasoned cook, a lover of traditional fare or an adventurous eater, you need the right tools in your kitchen to make that perfect meal. While proper cookware, utensils, and gadgets are essential parts of the cooking process, a kitchen timer is arguably one of the most vital tools to have at your disposal. Overcook that chicken and you’ll have a tough chunk of dry meat. Undercook those cookies and you’ll experience some doughy frustration. Get it right every time with these digital kitchen timers.

black and white kitchen timer on wood surface

Why stove and microwave timers don’t cut it

Some people rely on their stove and microwave timers when cooking, and while they certainly do the trick, they fall short in a few vital areas.

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They tie you to the kitchen

If you throw that roast in the oven and walk away to a different area of the house, you may not hear the oven or microwave timer when it goes off. To prevent an overcooked, dried-out roast, you’ll have to stay close to the kitchen with your ears peeled, preventing you from multitasking as you cook.

They only have one timer each

When you’re cooking a four or five-course meal, timing is everything. You will have to calculate multiple cooking times at once, and microwave and oven timers can only support one countdown per appliance. Managing multiple courses with just two timers is certainly a recipe for disaster.

They have limited functionality

Whether you’re cooking your dish for hours or minutes, microwave and oven timers will do the trick. However, when cooking delicate dishes like soft-boiled eggs, you need precise timing down to the second. This gets a bit tricky because oven timers don’t often have an option to enter second intervals.

What makes the best kitchen timers?

They’re portable

Unlike the timers on your stationary appliances, a kitchen timer is small, compact, and has features that make it placeable in easy-to-see locations. Many of the best kitchen timers have magnetic backings, retractable stands, or even wrist straps or belt clips so you can take them with you wherever you go.

They have multiple timers

Many great kitchen timers have two or three different timers built-in to manage multiple tasks at the same time, so you can make an entire holiday meal with just one little gadget. It’s time to say goodbye to overcooking the Thanksgiving turkey.

They’re precise

While timers on your kitchen appliances are limited to hours and minutes, high-quality kitchen timers can be set to the second. You can create all those delicious dishes with the precision needed to get delicious, perfectly cooked results.

white curved kitchen timer on wood countertop

The best digital kitchen timers

Samshow Digital Kitchen Timer

What we love:

  • Three programmable timers
  • 100 hour maximum cooking time
  • Can stand, hang, or adhere magnetically

With the Samshow Digital Kitchen Timer, you can cook a multi-course meal with ease and precision. Capable of tracking three separate times at once, this device has a timing range reaching 100 hours, so it can handle the longest cooking times out there. Its magnetic back can stick to kitchen appliances, the tabletop stand supports countertop timekeeping, and the hook allows you to hang it on the wall.

ThermoPro TM02 Digital Kitchen Timer

What we love:

  • Large printed digital display
  • Adjustable alarm volume
  • Magnetic back and optional table stand

ThermoPro TM02 Digital Kitchen Timer takes the cake when it comes to convenience. The large digital print display is visible from a distance, and, like the Samshow timer, it has a magnetic backing and countertop stand. This device also features high, medium, and low volume settings along with a silent alarm. We love the sleek, silver construction that matches your stainless steel appliances, so you don’t have to comprise style for function.

Ganapoco Dual Digital Timer

What we love:

  • 100 hour maximum cooking time
  • Three different volume settings
  • Super easy operations

Our most user-friendly pick, Ganapoco Dual Digital Timer, is super easy to set with clear buttons for the two timers, start and stop functions, and hours, minutes, and seconds settings. Until it’s cleared, it will store your last used cooking times so you can easily get started on preparing your daily meals. We love that this timer has three volume settings and includes a blinking light alert as the silent alarm.

When you’re an avid kitchen dweller, cooking time is extremely important. With many dishes, just a few minutes or even seconds over or under the ideal cooking time can leave your guests with a sour taste in their mouth. While your microwave and stove timers can go a long way, a great kitchen timer will up your cooking game and provide much-needed convenience in the kitchen.

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