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8 bedroom accent wall ideas on Instagram we want to steal

Your bedroom is your oasis, a place you can hide from the rest of the world and unwind. Additionally, as a room that you spend over a quarter of your time in, it should also be a source of inspiration. Let your artistic side run wild and create stunning walls that make for an enlivening space that’s uniquely yours.

Accent walls are one of the easiest ways to add a fun focal point to your space. To spruce up your bedroom, experiment with different paint colors, textures, wallpaper, murals, or anything else that makes your bedroom a one-of-a-kind. We’ve done some digging on Instagram to find some of the most beautiful and inventive bedroom wall ideas. Sometimes all you need is another person’s creation to get your creative juices flowing!

A rustic bedroom with wooden walls and floor rug


We are in love with textured walls. They bring new life into any space and create visual interest in the room. This design from Oh Sweet Home of Mine is classic, and it works in any sized room from the kid’s room to the master. Plus, the paint color is to die for and the asymmetrical, thin, wood lines make for a fun and whimsical wall experience.

The second wall is similar but much more linear. We love that they shared a “how-to” video with step-by-step instructions that even beginner designers can handle. The board-and-batten wall is timeless, creating a centerpiece on the wall without any art at all. We also love the mantra behind the design: “Once you let your fear of failure stop ruling your decisions, I bet you’ll surprise yourself with how awesome you are.”


Wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to create an accent wall without dealing with messy paint or cumbersome mounting tools. This wallpaper-crafted accent wall from Fancy Walls features pops of color that make any bedroom brighter and happier. The bird prints on top of the wallpaper add an extra design element that is immediately eye-catching. Feel free to add simple prints of whatever inspires you, be it your favorite animal, cityscape, or cocktail.

Project Junior also posted an example of floral wallpaper that can serve as a backdrop to the bed. There’s nothing not to love about this color palette, featuring emerald green, pinks, grays, and deep red. We would be hard-pressed to stop at one wall, so you can choose a print like this for the entire bedroom. Just keep the rest of the decor understated. If a floral print isn’t your thing, check out the Project Junior website for tons of other wallpaper options.


For a more dramatic effect, try tackling a mural. Bring out your paintbrushes if you have the artistic know-how to tackle this on your own, but if not, feel free to subcontract the design to a local artist. Murals make for an ideal feature wall in the bedroom, adding dimension and texture to the walls without needing to buy expensive art pieces. We love this peacock-inspired mural by Starla Michelle Fine Art on Instagram. The bold colors and pattern are sure to make any bedroom stand out.

Equally as stunning is this nursery wall mural of a colorful mountain range. It’s also a versatile enough design that it will grow with them, long past their nursery days.

wall mirrors bedroom

Wall art collage

Move aside minimalism! An art collage is an eclectic and fun way to decorate your space by filling it with all of your favorite things. You can mix and match art, wall decor, photographs, and whatever else inspires you to create a one-of-a-kind wall. This design from Fox and Molly features tiny paintings that deliver just the right amount of drama.

For a more organized collection, find inspiration from this butterfly art. It’s subtle but it’s still sure to catch anyone’s eye.

You really can’t go wrong with any, or all, of the ideas above. Your bedroom is all your own, and it’s the perfect space to experiment with your aesthetics and interests. There are no wrong answers here — it all comes down to what colors and textures inspire or comfort you. Once the work is done, you can sit back, relax, and admire your hard work (or the hard work of someone else, we’re not judging).

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