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The best tavas

Get your chapati on with this amazing selection of griddles specially designed for all kinds of flatbread. Use them traditionally for Indian-inspired bread or venture into crepes, tortillas, and even injera bread. Expand your map of culinary adventures and try many new flavors by making your own creation right at home.

The ideal tawa pans should heat evenly and be nonstick. Release your dosa easily so you  don’t create tears in its thin body. If the dosa sticks to the pan, it needs to be fixed. Using ghee is always a great idea to aid with cooking, and it adds more flavor to the bread. Here are our top recommendations for the best flat, Indian griddles better known as tawa.

Hawkins Futura Non-stick Tava

Best tava overall

For those ready to jump right in, the Hawkins Futura Non-stick Tava has been one of the top choices thanks to the nonstick coating in addition to its unique and fast heat diffusion. A sturdy, always-cool handle makes it easy to control and move. With a perfect curvature and thickness, you can cook your dosa perfectly.

Victoria Cast Iron Tawa

Best cast iron tava

The kitchen purists will say that there is no better option than the Victoria Cast Iron Tawa. This sturdy and versatile griddle is a solid 15-inch tawa that will be passed on to the next generation. The one-piece construction maximizes cooking area, and the high-quality cast iron generates high-power cooking heat for broiling, frying, and roasting.

Wonderchef Granite Dosa Tawa

Best granite tava

For those who prefer stoneware for their cooking, the Wonderchef Granite Dosa Tawa offers clean materials and heavy-duty performance. This incredibly useful flat griddle has a slightly curved end to help when frying. It is coated with a five-layer nonstick finish and is made of high-grade quality aluminum for even heat distribution. One of the best Indian flat griddles in the market.

Owning a flat griddle is a great investment. From baking great specialty flatbread to making some quick and crispy quesadillas, they always provide reliable heat to cook evenly and provide nonstick performance. Give your meals a touch of authenticity making your own roti with our list of tawa griddles.

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