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The best pizzelle makers

There’s nothing like a great dessert, and there’s nothing quite like a pizzelle – but when running to your local bakery isn’t an option, a pizzelle maker is the perfect solution. Pizzelle makers are pretty much like a waffle maker except they are perfectly crafted for the art of making the perfect pizzelle.

Desserts are amazing, but when you are craving something as specific as a delectable pizzelle, nothing will quite get it done like a pizzelle maker. With many different styles, choosing the right pizzelle maker for your needs isn’t always easy; that’s why we’ve gone ahead and created this list of the best pizzelle makers on the market.

Cucina Pro Non-stick Electric Pizzelle Maker

Best overall

Make delicious, authentic pizzelle in minutes with this Non-stick Electric Pizzelle Maker By Cucina Pro. This pizzelle maker has a food-grade, non-stick surface that makes cooking pizzelle easy. When you’re finished, just wipe off to clean. Its high-quality polished interior is crafted for the traditionalist. Enjoy your favorite Italian cookie anytime with this pizzelle maker. They’re perfect for a snack, dessert, or for your next holiday or get-together!

Cuisinart Pizzelle Press

Best value pizzelle maker

The Cuisinart Pizzelle Press completes the art of making the perfect pizzelle. This pizzelle press features five browning shades that lets users make pizzelle light, dark, hard and crisp, or soft and chewy. Conveniently bake two, thin, 4-inch Italian waffle cookies at once! The ready-to-bake and ready-to-eat indicator light lets the user know when the pizzelle press is ready for use and when it’s finished cooking. It has never been easier to bake pizzelle from start to finish! Featuring a non-stick coating, the baking plates provide an easy release of the pizzelle without breakage after each use.

Palmer Pizzelle Maker

Most durable pizzelle maker

This very popular pizzelle maker from Palmer is designed to make delicious, crispy, high-ribbed pizzelle in half the time. This Palmer Pizzelle Maker is constructed of cast aluminum plates, chrome, and cast aluminum body, making it extremely durable and long-lasting. The Palmer Pizzelle Maker can make two 5-inch cookies and comes with a cone roller so you can get the perfect pizelle every single time.

It can be quite tricky to make pizzelle; if the batter is not consistent enough, it may result in thin, watery ones or very thick, under-cooked ones – so it goes without saying that a pizzelle maker is a handy tool to have when crafting your perfect pizzelle. So whether you go with the best overall, best value, or the most durable, we’ve given you all the information you need to get one step closer to your perfect pizzelle.

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