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The best pasta drying racks

The history of homemade pasta dates back to the 12th century. Ancient Etruscans and Romans were the first to eat a form of lasagna, while nomadic Arabs first brought pasta to the Mediterranean from central Asia. This is actually where noodles may have originated. But Italy is certainly the place where pasta became one of the most famous dishes in the world. Pasta is one of those weeknight meal staples which parents and kids can both enjoy. Continue this rich culinary tradition with one of the fabulous pasta-drying racks that we have curated for you.

We love making fresh pasta. It goes great with lighter sauces to put the spotlight on the flavor of your noodles and add a whole new layer of complexity to this staple of Italian cuisine. When you want the very best plate of homemade pasta, make sure you let it dry for at least 15 minutes after cutting it and before you cook it, to avoid lumping and unwanted stickiness.

Norpro Pasta Drying Rack

Best pasta drying rack overall

When you want to follow the traditional methods, the Norpro Pasta Drying Rack is a wooden rack that stands over 16 inches tall with eight alternated arms, for the perfect arrangement of your pasta strips. Even the longest of fettuccine will remain clean on this sturdy solution. Made of rubberwood, the unfinished surface helps provide extra grip to prevent pasta from falling.

Marcato Atlas Pasta Drying Rack

Most versatile pasta drying rack

If you are looking for a solution to keep up with your massive pasta production, the Marcato Atlas Pasta Drying Rack offers the largest capacity of all the racks we reviewed and has the nicest design. With a balanced fan layout, you can dry more than 4 pounds of pasta at a time. A very useful tool to trim your pasta and transport when ready to be cooked, this rack is made in Italy by a family of multigenerational pasta masters. It is definitely what real aficionados are looking for.

Eppicotispai Collapsible Pasta Drying Rack

Best compact pasta drying rack

For smaller kitchens and reduced spaces, the Eppicotispai Collapsible Pasta Drying Rack really takes the idea of small but mighty to the next level. A complete collapsible solution, this natural beechwood rack can dry up to 10 square feet of pasta space at the same time. Don’t let the lack of cooking space limit your imagination and start experimenting with pasta making.

Making your own pasta is a fun and interesting activity for all the family. When everyone participates in the prepping of the food, breaking bread becomes an experience and a bonding moment to share the dishes that you have created. Bring your home together with the perfect utensil for a night of pasta making thanks to our selected recommendations. Buon appetito!

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