The best alfalfa seeds for sprouting this nutrient-dense crop at home

When grown as a cover crop as part of a crop rotation, alfalfa helps improve soil nutrient levels and reduces the need for synthetic fertilizers. The roots of alfalfa seedlings tend to grow rapidly, reaching soil depths of 3 feet after two months and 6 feet after five months. Even if you’re a novice, these helpful alfalfa seeds and sprouting alfalfa seeds can start your journey with the easy-to-manage plant.

By planting alfalfa seeds or sprouting alfalfa seeds, you can tap into a plant that’s known all around the globe. It’s relatively easy to grow and cultivate, produces a high-quality herbage, and stands up well to any drought, heat or cold. To join in on producing the highly useful plant, get some of these reliable and fast-growing alfalfa seeds or sprouting alfalfa seeds.

No-Till Cover Crop 13-Seed Mix

Best Seed Mix

There are many seed mixes with alfalfa available, but the No-Till Cover Crop 13-Seed Mix rises to the top. It includes seed varieties of the 13 most popular cover crops. Inoculated with rhizobium, the mix is formulated to encourage the growth of mycorrhizal fungi populations, helping to deliver nutrients to plant roots. It’s ideal for raised beds and/or no-till container gardening.

Kitchen Crop Deluxe Seed Sprouter

Best Kitchen Seed Sprouter

If you’re interested in growing alfalfa in your kitchen, the Kitchen Crop Deluxe Seed Sprouter is a wise choice. It comes with four sprouting trays since multiple trays allow for a larger crop of sprouts or multiple sprout varieties. As many as 10 trays can be stacked on one sprouter base. The spouter includes lids designed to provide water to sprouts without displacing them.

GardensAlive! Two-Tiered Seed Sprouter

Best Two-Tiered Sprouter

When it comes to two-tiered alfalfa sprouters, the GardensAlive! Two-Tiered Seed Sprouter rates high. Each of the two easy-to-use, two-tiered sprouters can be used to view and monitor the growth of seeds and sprouts. Up to four trays can be added to the two trays to grow several different seed varieties. No soil or sunlight is required to grow sprouts.

Whether you’re a farmer or indoor gardener, there are many helpful options available for growing alfalfa. These effective alfalfa seeds and sprouting alfalfa seeds rank high among those options.