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The best soil thermometers to keep your garden lush

For greatest accuracy, experts recommend taking multiple soil temperature measurements. Use your soil-temperature thermometer to take a reading in the morning and another late in the afternoon. The average of these two numbers lets you know the real temperature of your soil.

Gardening isn’t just about having a green thumb. Experienced gardeners know that every plant has different temperature requirements. This is why the soil thermometers on our list are key to the success of your crops. Our top picks take the guessing game out of planting your bulbs, veggies, or shrubs to help you garden with confidence. Let’s take a look at our favorites.

SmartChoice Soil Thermometer

Best Overall

Made of stainless steel and featuring a 127 mm stem, the SmartChoice Soil Thermometer provides accurate readings from 0 to 220 F. With high visibility and no fogging up, this high-precision device is easier to read than digital soil thermometers. It requires no batteries to let you know when is the right time to start planting your soil.

Greenco Gardening Soil Thermometer

Best for Compost

With a durable construction and a solid 20-inch stem, the Greenco Gardening Soil Thermometer is ideal to measure compost temperature. Its color-coded temperature ranges from 40 to 180 F with a high-quality lens that seals out moisture and won’t fog. Knowing the temperature of your compost helps you figure out the right moisture levels and activators, for the healthiest compost piles to nourish your plants.

Vee Gee Scientific Soil Thermometer

Best Durable

The Vee Gee Scientific Soil Thermometer features a sturdy gauge and strong stem made of stainless steel. The 6-inch stem and 3-inch display make it easy to take your soil temperature with reliability and durability. Its wide temperature range takes measurements from minus 40 to 160 F, to work accurately year-round.

Gardening and composting are always more successful with the right instruments. If you want to grow a healthy garden, the soil thermometers on our list help you test your garden for the perfect temperature to grow your plants and crops. From professional landscapers to planting enthusiasts, these tools give you the insight to grow a successful garden.