The best pantry moth trap to guard against insect invasion

What do you do when you suspect that you have insects in your pantry? You take action decisively. When it’s pantry moths, the best course of action is to find a pantry moth trap that works. The moth traps on our list provide the right protection from annoying moth infestations that can ruin your pantry.

Pantry moths can be devastating to your pantry items, so take action to ensure that they don’t become a problem. These pantry moth traps are easy to use and provide plenty of support for keeping your pantry items safe. Let’s take a look at our favorites to find the right one on the list for you.

Dr. Killigan's Premium Pantry Moth Traps

Best Overall

These well-designed pantry moth traps can protect your pantry from moth infestations with a simple construction that effectively traps and kills them. It contains an attractant pheromone in the glue trap that brings in moths efficiently. It comes in two different peel-and-stick designs, so you can leave them out quickly.

Catchmaster Pantry Pest Trap

Best Value

These nontoxic glue traps provide efficient moth attraction to kill them and prevent infestations. They're safe for humans but toxic for moths. They come in a two-pack and attract moths from up to 12 feet using simple glue traps and an embedded pheromone. They're disposable and come in a simple, foldable design.

TERRO Pantry Moth Traps

Best Budget

These simple traps attract moths using a simple pheromone in a peel-and-stick package. It's easy to use, and the folded design prevents accidental touching. The trap contains no pesticides that could harm humans or pets and lasts for several months, eliminating moth infestations and keeping them contained.

Don’t let pantry moths ruin your foods. It’s time to take control of your pest problem with a simple method that won’t harm humans or pets, but it will keep moths under control. These options are easy to use and last for a while. Use them and keep your food safe.