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West Elm announces its first content creator ambassador program

West Elm is a shop for stunning furniture and decor pieces that services several large retailers. Recently, this home goods creative has announced its first content creator ambassador program.

The ambassador program will help take West Elm to a new level and provide influencers with several amazing opportunities. If you’re wondering what to expect from West Elm’s new program, we’ve gathered all of the notable details to keep you informed.

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What is the West Elm ambassador program?

West Elm calls its new ambassador program The Collective. This program is exciting for content creators and curators alike who take an interest in West Elm’s product releases and design inspo. According to the company, The Collective is aimed to bring together retailers, content creators, and industry experts to spread the word and create unity within West Elm’s home decor sector.

The West Elm Pressroom indicated that the program’s goal is to highlight “the evolution of the brand’s ongoing commitment to elevating up-and-coming creative voices and expressing personal style through the lens of a community of creators.” The hope is that by allowing creators to test out and utilize brand pieces in their own homes, it will inspire others to do the same.

West Elm also aims to include more social media and web-friendly content to create a digital experience for avid followers of the brand. They are looking to generate more live-selling events, how-to videos, and expert Q and A’s to help inspire home designers everywhere.

The Collective’s Tastemakers

The West Elm Collective has two groups of participants: The Tastemakers and the Insiders.

Tastemakers are leaders from different backgrounds in the industry who will be highlighted once a month. Adweek revealed some of these Tastemakers stating that “Aurora James, founder of Brother Vellies and The 15 Percent Pledge, Diego Olivero, designer and co-founder of Meso Goods and Erick Garcia, founder of Maison Trouvaille,” are among those included in the program.

During the highlight, a Tastemaker will be chosen to be featured alongside the launch of the retailer’s new products and product curations. This will aid in more hype for launch day and create enthusiasm for different styles and designs.

West Elm Insiders

The other group in the program includes Insiders who are social media influencers and other content creators. Insiders can create a curated shop page of their favorite products and recommendations to share with their audience.

There are currently twenty Insiders in the program, according to Adweek, including “Vanesa Amaro, co-owner of Amaros Cleaning who became popular during the pandemic for her cleaning tips, and Hoàng-Kim Cung, a former TV journalist and the first Vietnamese American woman to compete at the Miss USA competition.”

Additionally, Tastemakers and Insiders alike will be informed of seasonal launches and product releases before the products are available for the public. This will allow creators to form their own opinions on products to offer insightful reviews to aid consumer purchases.

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How this changes West Elm and the industry

While there are several ambassador programs in various industries, West Elm is taking the lead in home decor. Their promo video for the launch of their new program showcases a “pass the torch” approach, highlighting the unity and diversity within this campaign.

Their unique advent of gathering both industry leaders and content creators will offer a wide range of advice, influential opinion, and a diverse range of style and application that is sure to inspire consumers.

Additionally, RetailDive wrote a short article detailing the new launch of The Collective. In their article, they elaborated on the importance of this program for companies like West Elm. RetailDive wrote, “research indicates that social media is a critical touchpoint for both consumers and marketers,” to explain why such ambassador programs will revolutionize the industry.

As consumers and home decor enthusiasts take to social media for inspiration and product recommendations, it’s no wonder that companies like West Elm will work to create an inviting atmosphere for influencers and experts to help guide those scrolling their feeds for creative insight.

Whether you’re an influencer or a person who simply loves home decor, the launch of West Elm’s Collective ambassador program is an exciting event. It will mean more availability for product recommendations and updates as well as inspiration for unique home styles and designs.

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