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8 spring cleaning tasks you can take care of in a weekend

Spring chores can seem a bit daunting, but all it takes is a weekend spring cleaning to really put a dent in your ‘honey do’ list so you’ll be able to enjoy a cleaner, more organized home.

We’ve narrowed down a spring cleaning task list of 8 easy-to-handle ideas you can complete in a weekend. Don’t have a weekend to spare? Check out our handy spring cleaning task list for a host of ideas you can accomplish in an hour or less! 

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8 Weekend spring cleaning tasks you should definitely add to your ‘to do’ list!

Clean gutters

Clogged gutters can cause water to pool and lead to costly damage to your roof or siding. Schedule a professional cleaning for gutters and downspouts—or DIY it—every spring before April showers leads to more than May flowers!

Clear out the clutter

Spring is the perfect time to stage an ‘out with the old’ decluttering. Not only will you create more space by purging your unwanted ‘stuff’ but with warmer weather at hand you can schedule a yard sale and make a little extra cash—as the saying goes, ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.’

The basic rule is if you haven’t used it in over a year, you probably don’t need it. Start with your most cluttered space—the attic or basement, perhaps—and sort things into three distinct piles:

  • Keep
  • Trash
  • Donate/sell

If you’re not up for a yard sale, you can donate things in good condition to local charities—some will even come and pick them up for you. Get a receipt and come tax time, you’ll have an extra deduction—talk about a win/win! 

Schedule maintenance for your cooling system

The last thing you want to find out on a sweltering July day is that your air conditioning unit is on the fritz. Schedule a professional maintenance check now. Not only will you have the peace of mind that your system will be up and running throughout the summer, but properly maintained AC units actually cool better, use less energy, and last longer, too!

Wash windows and screens

For a lint-free and streak-free shine, try washing windows with crumpled newspapers (rather than paper towels) when using your favorite window cleaning spray. For a thorough spring cleaning, wash both the insides and outsides of your window and don’t forget the windowsills!

Once a year, it’s a good idea to eliminate the pollen and grime that can build up on window screens. Do a quick cleaning with the dusting attachment of your vacuum cleaner. Feeling a bit more ambitious? Remove the screens (keeping tabs on which screens go where) and scrub with warm, soapy water. Rinse and air dry.

Inspect screens for holes and tears because even tiny rips can let in pesky mosquitoes and other insects. Pick up a screen patch kit from your local home improvement store to make repairs.

Get your grill ready for BBQ season

It will be hamburger and hotdog season before you know it, so now’s the perfect time to get your gas or propane grill ready for the barbecuing to come!

  • Start by burning off any leftover grime from last year by firing up your grill—use a BBQ grill brush for extra grimy areas.
  • Disconnect the gas or propane and allow grills to cool before removing them and soaking in a bucket filled with hot water and dish detergent.
  • Replace the grease tray, and wipe down the knobs, interior and exterior with a sponge and some soapy water. 
  • Scrub grills to remove stuck-on grease and drip dry before replacing.

Wash your siding

You can give your siding a good cleaning using nothing more than your regular garden hose and a siding cleaning kit (available at your neighborhood home improvement store).

Or, you can wash siding with a soft bristle brush using a DIY cleaning solution of three parts water to one part vinegar. Scrub clean and rinse thoroughly with your garden hose. 

Spruce up your entryway

They say that first impressions count, so make sure the first thing visitors notice about your house is its curb appeal. You can give your front entryway a fresh spring makeover with minimal effort and without spending a fortune. Start with a clean slate—wipe down the door (spray cleaning the glass front) and be certain your overhead porch lighting fixtures sparkle, too. If you’re lucky enough to have a front porch, use your garden hose to eliminate dirt, debris and pollen, and don’t forget to attend to high corners of the ceiling (bye, bye spiderwebs).

Wash down your porch furniture with soapy water, and wash cushions and throw pillows, so they’re clean and fresh. Hose down your doormat—or perhaps even spring for a new one—and add potted plants or spring flowers for a pop of color. You can even change your house numbers—going from a dated gold to a sleeker, more modern black. Remember, small changes can make a BIG impact.

Clean out your garage

If there’s no longer any room to park your car in the garage, it might be time for a clean-up.

  • Clear out the junk and keep only the things you know you’re going to use. Take hazardous items, including leftover paint and motor oil, and schedule a time to drop them off with a recycling center that accepts such items. You can usually find information on hazardous waste disposal on your municipality’s website.
  • If your garden and lawn tools have taken valuable space away from your car, consider getting a shed for the yard. Even a small shed can really open up space in your garage for other things—namely, your car—and give you a designated area for housing all of your lawn care supplies in one location. 
  • Once your garage is emptied, take the opportunity to hose down the garage floor and add some wall-mounted storage to keep things neat and off the floor.

Spring cleaning task list

Pressed for time? You can get these spring-cleaning tasks done in under an hour!

  • Check household safety devices—smoke and carbon monoxide detector—and replace batteries as needed.
  • Inspect your driveway and paths for cracks and schedule repairs as needed.
  • Wash trash and recycling cans with spray cleaner and your garden hose so they don’t stink up your outdoor fun.
  • Remove mosquito breeding grounds by ridding your property of stagnant and standing water sources.

By setting aside a weekend in the spring to give your home the maintenance it needs and deserves, you’ll be able to enjoy more outdoor fun and entertaining as summer approaches. Use our handy checklist to get the essential cleaning done in two days or less!

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