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7 expensive mistakes you’re making around the house — and how to avoid them

Running a household is challenging, and finding ways to cut costs and still enjoy a beautiful home is even harder. But there are expensive mistakes you are probably making around your home that could be household budget busters. The good news is that there are simple fixes, lots of them, that can take a budget miss and turn it into budget bliss. 

From costly household money mistakes to DIY hacks that can give you the design look you want, at a fraction of the cost, we have solutions that will help you save money and live better every single day. 

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Household money mistakes you don’t want to make!

1. Stop throwing out fruits and veggies; these fridge liners will extend the life of your produce and save you money!

Nothing kills your grocery budget more than throwing out food your family didn’t even get to eat, but these fridge liners can help! Foam construction, with a special anti-mold material, will prevent spoiling, odors, and bruising on your fruits and veggies. These liners promote air circulation throughout the fridge to help keep produce fresher for longer.

2. Energy costs literally going out the front door? This Door Draft Stopper will reduce your energy bills!

How would you like to cut your energy costs in seconds? This door draft stopper keeps warm air in and cold air out by blocking that little space beneath your door that could result in higher energy bills. Thick, 100 percent cotton construction and so easy to install, simply slide it under the door, and it creates a barrier that completely blocks airflow. Bonus: It also acts as a barrier against critters, noise, moisture, and light, and it’s even machine washable! 

3. This faucet filter will help you kick your bottled water habit for good!

Bottled water is costly, not to mention bad for the environment. This faucet filtration system attaches directly to your faucet and eliminates lead, mercury, and other contaminants from your water; plus, it has a Mineral Clear filter that filters water over minerals for crisp, clean-tasting water your family will love to drink—bye-bye plastic bottles that end up in landfills. It fits most standard faucets and is so easy to install, and if you think about it, it pays for itself in just a few weeks when you factor in what you pay each week for bottled water.

4. This steam mop will extend the life of your carpet and make cleaning your floors a breeze!

Talk about versatility. This steam mop cleans virtually everything—hardwood, vinyl, sealed stone or tile, stainless steel, furniture, clothing, and carpeting. It employs super-hot steam to clean and sanitize—with no chemicals or added cleaners—so it’s safe for your family and pets. It includes a built-in handheld steam cleaner, mop cleaning pads, and four additional heads: A squeeze head, straight nozzle, brush, and bent nozzle.

5. Protect your beautiful hardwood floors with these slip-on silicone furniture leg covers!

Scratched hardwood floors from moving furniture or scraping chairs at mealtime? Never again! These stretchy transparent furniture leg covers protect your floors from scratches and don’t accumulate dust and hair like those stick-on felt furniture foot cushions.  Available in three sizes to work on most sizes and shapes of furniture. Each set includes 16 covers that stretch to fit a variety of leg shapes to keep your costly hardwood floors looking like new.

subway tiles in kitchen

Decorating hacks to try while still saving money!

6. Looks and feels like expensive subway tiles, but these modern beauties just peel-and-stick

Is a subway tile backsplash part of your decorating wishlist but not part of your budget? If so, these peel-and-stick tiles are for you! Three-dimensional, to mimic real tile, with an adhesive back that can peel and stick to any flat surface. They are heat and moisture resistant, so they’ll stand up to your kitchen and bathroom challenges. Best of all, you’ll get the look of an expensive renovation, without the hard work or enormous expense.

7. Can’t afford to replace your cracked tiles? Repair them instead

Cracked, chipped, or scratched tiles can really ruin the look of a room, but replacing them is very costly. That’s why we were thrilled to find this practical tile repair kit. This kit works on floors or wall tiles, as well as bathtubs, toilets, sinks, and granite counters. Each kit comes with a variety of color mixtures so you can match the exact color of your tile. There are hundreds of 5-star reviews on Amazon, many with before and after pictures, tell the story of how impressive the results can be. 

By cutting costs on everyday items around the house, you’ll be saving for bigger projects that will help you achieve the home of your dreams. We’ve highlighted seven items here, but there are literally thousands of others on Amazon and other sites; you just need to find them. Stop wasting money on costly household mistakes, and get ready to start saving! 

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