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The best outdoor dining table ideas we’ve ever seen on Pinterest

The sunniest season may be over, but there’s still plenty of time for outdoor dining in the fall when the air is crisper, cooler, and more comfortable than the oppressive heat and humidity of the summer. With a change of seasons also comes a bevy of new decorating opportunities, so get ready to wow your guests with all your creative hosting and decorating skills. 

If you’re looking for the latest trends and the most innovative ideas, there’s no better source than Pinterest, where creative designers from around the world share their best ideas and tips. We adore these outdoor dining table ideas, and we think you will too.

Outdoor dining table ideas 

As with all great entertainment, a fun theme will create a memorable outdoor event that your family and friends are sure to remember. Incorporate hints of the theme through every aspect of your event — from food to dinnerware, decor to centerpieces, and everything in between. 

If you’re lucky enough to have a wood plank outdoor dining table, you have a built-in foundation for creating dozens of rustic looks that are apropos for the fall season. Scatter some fresh boxwood greenery across the center, creating a natural table runner. Then, intersperse the plant life with elegant white votive candles and napkins tied with twine. Rustic, simple, and stunning.   

Some outdoor tables are less impressive, but you can spruce up tired or dated pieces with festive tablecloths. This is a great opportunity to set the mood, experimenting with different colors, textures, and patterns to create the perfect look. Skip anything plastic or vinyl, which is reminiscent of a kid’s birthday party, and opt for casual elegance with a solid color base tablecloth, accented with a runner in a contrasting solid color or print. 

DIY table solutions

Understandably, an expensive solid wood table may not be in your budget. If so, don’t fret. You can recreate the infamous Pottery Barn Brooks Dining Table, which retails for thousands of dollars, for just $200! It’s just one of the many incredible DIY tutorials we found on Pinterest. With a project that suits your taste and DIY skill level, and you can get the look of an expensive table at a fraction of the cost. Not only will the end result be striking, but you can build the table using repurposed wood and other recycled supplies, protecting the environment too. 

Outdoor table setting ideas 

White pumpkin centerpieces

Pumpkins and gourds are always going to be mainstays of any autumn table setting, both indoors and out. Unconventionally, one recent trend dominating Pinterest is using white pumpkins instead of the standard orange. It gives outdoor dining tables a definite fall-centric appeal but adds a little more elegance. Whether you create stacks of mini white pumpkins or pair larger gourds with fresh-cut greenery from the yard, these colorless pumpkins add a surprisingly sophisticated touch to any outdoor dining table. 

All about nature 

If you’re looking for outdoor table setting ideas, look no further than your own backyard. Nature offers a bounty of beautiful inspiration, many that you can literally pull from the gardens surrounding your home.

  • Harvest the last of your garden’s summer blossoms before the first frost takes them away. Pots of golden yellow or brilliant orange mums instantly brighten any outdoor table setting. 
  • With their faded colors and fragile petals, there’s something hauntingly beautiful about dried hydrangeas. Snip off your hydrangea bush and place the cuttings inside a distinctive metal or faux stone container to create a centerpiece with a real wow factor. 
  • Hosting a dinner party outdoors? Create distinctive one-of-a-kind place cards with nothing more than a gold marker and some fresh-picked leaves from your yard.

Outdoor dining by candlelight

Nothing creates a romantic atmosphere better than the flickering light of candles. Outdoor dining presents challenges, however, as the flames might be in danger of blowing out due to wind. To protect the fragile light source, place taper or pillar candles inside glass hurricane holders.

To ensure your candles have no chance of blowing out, you can also invest in battery-operated flameless candles that simulate the look and romance of the real thing. Available in a wide away of styles, they present a practical, and still beautiful, option for outdoor dining. Beyond the classic look of candlelight, Pinterest is filled with other lighting options for table settings that are sure to deliver on impact and ambiance. 

Before setting up for your next outdoor dinner party or celebration, be sure to check out Pinterest for inspiration. Then, take what you like and put your own spin on it to craft a style that’s all your own.

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