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Seed storage options that are pretty and fuctional

Avid gardeners understand the importance of organizing and storing seeds. It’s crucial that seeds are stored properly, factoring in temperature and humidity to ensure that the seeds you store now will be viable for planting in the spring. 

There are many seed storage solutions on the market both online and at your local garden supply store, and even some DIY ways to keep seeds safe and organized during the dormant season. We’ve picked three of our favorite seed storage containers that are as attractive as they are functional.  Whether you’re a gardening novice or have a bonafide green thumb, you’ll be able to store your seeds with these functional and pretty ideas!

Good: Seed Keeper: Organize, Record, and Store binder

A great starter storage option for keeping seed packets safe and handy, this 24-page hardcover book includes envelopes for housing two common seed packet sizes. Envelopes have ample space to record important details, including gardening tips, seed purchase date, planting date, annual weather conditions, and more. Beautiful, color illustrations make this book one you’ll be proud to display, while it keeps all your seeds planting-ready for spring. Reviewers consistently mention how they love giving the Seed Keeper as a gift, not only because it’s so functional but also because it’s so pretty to look at. In fact, makes a “perfect gift” is one of the most common things written in every 5-star review.

Better: Simple Quality Seed Storage Box

For indoor gardeners or anyone who loves the vintage feel of old-school seed boxes, this organizer fits the bill perfectly. The Simple Garden seed organizer’s lid slides off smoothly to reveal plenty of space to store seed packets vertically, and contains inserts to sort the seeds by category. Don’t be fooled by its simple design – this box is engineered to keep seeds safe and dry; the lid fits snugly so as to keep unwanted light away from delicate seeds, and the wood is treated to be waterproof. That’s exactly why reviewers praised this product, and why we think you’ll love it too!

Best: Iris 4”x6” photo multi-color plastic storage unit

It turns out that the absolute best seed storage container available isn’t actually sold as a seed storage container at all. With more than 600 5-star ratings on Amazon, this multi-purpose plastic storage container set could possibly be the best way to store your seeds that money can buy. Particularly good for those with a large number of seeds in their collection, each container has 16 pockets, and each pocket is perfectly sized to hold multiple seed packets. Reviewers touted the construction quality and how each 4×6 container easily holds multiple seed packets. See-through containers let you know what’s inside without having to search for the seeds you’re looking for. 

It will be easier than ever to harvest, store, and replant seeds when your seed collection is properly stored and organized. With countless seed storage solutions available online and at garden supply stores, we’ve helped you narrow down the search with three of the best options out there regardless of your gardening skill level and budget. We’ve done the research so you can get back to planning—and planting—your garden!

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