The best white corner shelves to display your books, photos, and doodads

There are a dizzying number of white corner shelves to choose from, in a host of styles, colors, and sizes. They can be a simple shelf, an elegant piece of furniture, or a traditional- or modern-looking bookcase. No matter which type of white corner shelf might suit you, one of these leading shelves is sure to rank among your top choices.

A white corner shelf can appear to be floating on a wall in a corner or draw attention either by its attractive design or by the alluring items placed on it. They can run the gamut from one small shelf mounted in a corner to a tall or short shelving unit placed in a corner. When you’re in the market for a good white corner shelf, consider one of these appealing and functional models.

Greenco Wall-Mount Corner Shelves

Best Overall

Why not tear up your list of potential white corner shelves and jump to one of the best around? The Greenco Wall Mount Corner Shelves is a solid overall choice, a five-tier, wall-mounted model in an attractive white finish tailored to suit just about any decor. Made of durable MDF laminate, the decorative and functional corner shelf is well-suited for a home, office, or dorm room.

Casual Home Corner Ladder White Bookcase

Best for Decor

A white corner shelf that matches just about any decor is a smart buy. The Casual Home Corner Ladder White Bookcase can do that. The white five-shelf corner ladder bookcase sports a rich white finish that can help accentuate a decor while adding a touch of bold elegance. Made of solid pine, its wood construction aims to increase durability and longevity.

FURINNO Corner Square Rack Display Shelf

Best for Displays

To up a white corner shelf’s display ante, consider getting the FURINNO Corner Square Rack Display Shelf. The five-tier corner model has an open-shelf design that aims to provide roomy display space and be a suitable shelf unit for any room. Made of wood and PVC, the shelf sports rounded corners for increased safety.

Dress up a room and dress up a corner by adding an attractive white corner shelf. These functional and fun shelves add lots of display space and match lots of different styles of decor.