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6 products you can use to organize your files at home

No matter how paperless we try to go, paperwork still has a way of accumulating all over the place, including our home offices. Without a filing system in place, before you know it, your space can go from clean to cluttered in a flash. It is time to tame the beast and create a system that finally keeps it in check. These are our must-have organizers to keep files in order, in place, and away from prying eyes.

woman sorting paperwork

Clean up and clear out

The first step in redesigning a home office filing system is taking out and going through everything you have. Throw out anything you don’t need and sort what is left into categories. This will help you determine the amount of storage you need, and what kind works best for you.

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After you’ve finished a thorough sweep of all the paperwork in your home office (and we do mean all), you’ll have a good idea of the size and style of storage that will fit best in your home office. Whether that’s a hanging file system, a mobile ottoman, or a cabinet on wheels, we have you covered with our six favorite (and cute) storage solutions.

Hey, guess what? Filing systems aren’t those ugly old cabinets you remember, and Grandin Road’s Mobile File Ottoman is the perfect example. It is so cute with files stored away that it would look right at home in your living room. It also has wheels so you can roll it to wherever needed, and it comes in faux lizard leather or jute upholstery.

The Seagrass File Cabinet from BirdRock Home offers a handwoven accent piece that will add a warm, neutral element to any room. It holds a plethora of files and can be rolled or carried by the side handles. It comes in an espresso color but can also be purchased in a natural finish.

Have a lot of paperwork? The MidMod File Cabinet, with its clean lines and contrasting white and espresso finish, will give your home office a modern look. A full-width box drawer offers storage for notepads and other supplies, while the spacious file drawer accepts letter- and legal-size documents.

Organizing maven Marie Kondo’s Calm Desktop File is ideal if you don’t have a ton of paperwork. It is constructed of recycled heavyweight paperboard in a clean, neutral linen weave finish, and it features a sturdy leather handle for easy access.

If you didn’t know any better, you might think the Demri Filing Cabinet was a charming chest of drawers. It has clean, classic styling and two spacious drawers for files with a large surface space perfect for displaying accents. It comes in white or black and is finished on all sides for easy placement.

Maybe your paperwork is minimal, but you still need a place for it. The Brokers Wood & Galvanized Paper Cabinet from Pottery Barn will be an attractive accent on your desktop. It has three drawers that will keep mail and other loose papers corralled.

Whether you’ve got two stacks of paper or a hundred, these storage solutions will help you restore order to your home office. What are you waiting for? It’s time to get organized!

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