The best vase filler available

Vase arrangements are a cinch with the right vase filler. All you need is the filler, your vase arrangement, and a second opinion. Lucky for you, we’ve put together a list of the best vase fillers to help you decide.

The most common type of vase fillers are rocks or those transparent pebbles that come in assorted colors. More whimsical options include seashells, pine cones, coins, and floating orbs. To perfect your centerpiece, make sure the vase filler ties into your overall theme. Also consider if the filler is the right size for your vase. Let’s take a look at our favorite vase fillers.

Artisan Supply Glass Gems Vase Filler

Best overall

Artisan Supply’s glass gem vase filler is a classic option. Versatile, budget-friendly, and elegant, these transparent gems provide a vibrant pop of color for any arrangement. The smooth vase fillers are easy to clean and infinitely reusable.

Tumbler Home Medium Sized Shells

Best seashell vase filler

Transform your bathroom into a seascape with Tumbler Home’s medium sized seashells. A collection of natural starfish and various seashells is a tasteful way of incorporating an under-the-sea theme in your home. Neutral tones like white, tans, and browns work well with any color.

Vase Pearlfection Floating Pearls

Best floating vase filler

For a magical effect, opt for Vase Pearlfection’s floating pearl vase fillers. The trick lies in transparent water gels that suspend your choice of larger floating pearls, which are both included with your purchase. This product is washable and reusable.

Vase fillers are essential for cohesive interior decoration and party themes. Without a centerpiece, party tables feel lacking. In household mantels and bathroom counters, vase fillers instantly upgrade your space with little effort. Elevate your arrangement from boring centerpiece to showstopper with any of the vase fillers on our list.

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